Handpass in Hurling

We had touched on this in the middle of a match thread but worth discussing on its own thread.

I hope they’re not going to start tinkering with hurling like mad now until they ruin it with advanced marks and other bollocks.

The problem with these types of commiteeeees is they feel like they have to suggest something.

They should have a sensor on the sliothar that makes a noise like the hooter in Ladies football if there isn’t a clear separation between palm and ball when pass is made.


Tell refs to call throws. That’s all they have to do. Players would pick it up quick enough if they did that even for a few games. No need for a fucking committee


Personally id prefer to see it trialled with a handpass off the hurl only.


@LiamMac and @beeko - two other normally reasonable posters said the same, would that not transform hurling entirely? I mean sure, show us a trial game but I’d need to see it before trailing it at county.

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High praise indeed. :joy:


Last Saturday the ref in the caamogie game between dublin and wexford really clamped down and I for 1 was glad to see it.blight on the game

At a glance I thought this thread was Happiness in Hurling!!!



Is that whats meant when they say “you should not be allowed handpass from the same hand that’s holding the sliotar”? Or is there some other way of handpassing ?

Well you could hand pass with either hand but it has to go directly from the hurl. It slows the handpass down. Gets rid of the easy hand pass option…makes hand passing less desirable. Might decrease the amount of handpasses and increase the amount of striking and skills we all actually want to see. Worth looking at…on a trial basis perhaps

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If the sliotar is on your hurl ( or you’re tapping it up and down as you solo), I can’t see how you can use the hand that’s holding the hurl to handpass it unless you drop the hurl which is not allowed?
I hope they tighten up the rule ether way as the blatant disregard of a rule is not good for the game.

You can switch hands that are holding the hurl.


So if you’re caught in the tackle with 2/3 players around you, what do you, drop the ball??

Just get the referees to call it. Not a thing wrong in hurling just now…… bar the fact that there isn’t enough of it.


All a big smokescreen cause bigball is falling apart.


The sliotar is being thrun around the place like a hot potato. It just takes the refs to clamp down on it. That’s all. No need for an imscrudu. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Problem with this is the bitching and moaning from the coaches when it is blown. The same coaches coaching lads to foul

Off the hurl OR with opposite hand

Might make things more instinctive as in lads getting rid of it quicker. More flicks etc. A bit more madness. Its all gone a bit to tactical. Definitely find hurling less attractive to watch than previously. Find underage better to watch. Other sports thinker with the rules when they feel things need changing. Backpass rule in soccer for example…reminds me a bit of some the current pissing around at the back in hurling and football. What harm would trialing it be. In the Walsh cup or something…if it doesnt work grand


Off the Hurl for me.

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You’ve lost it now, clearly.

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