Handpass in Hurling

Balancing/controlling the ball on the hurl, with one or both hands, then toss the ball up and palm it away with either hand without catching the ball.

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If they want to trial this, I would suggest getting some under 20 teams together for trial matches rather than trialing it in actual competition. Historically when they have used league or pre season competitions for anything like this, its been a mess. Under 20 age groups trialed the new sliothar and have being reviewing it for the past number of years.

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It would be a huge change in how the game is played, the idea to promote more driving her long I assume?

I think the game is fine. Its been better than ever, skill levels are almost off the charts. The speed of the game is terrifying at times. Its outstanding as a game and spectacle. The fall down is always the officiating and the implementation of the rules. We have never tried to fix that part. Hawkeye…red and yellow cards. Thats it.

Its not as if 90% of hand passes are wrong


I just feel you could be going back to the 70s style hit & hope that you see on GAA gold, rather than the heyday I think people are remembering in the 90s?

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Sure we could play ground hurling for the first 15 mins of each half to keep the purists happy.


Certainly think it’s taking a sledge hammer to a nut alright, really enjoying what I’ve seen if the championship so far tbh. The two limerick games have been crazy.

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Poster boys, you mean.

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Presently there is 3 skills. Off the hand, off the hurl and off the opposite hand.
You will never get consensus for just off the hurl, too restrictive. Off the hand is the issue. If you have off the opposite hand the ball is already thrown up so you will get that clear strike from the opposite hand.
3 skills to 2 skills, not too restrictive, skill have an actual hand pass skill and cutting out the problem of same hand just throwing

Theres nothing to trial.
I cant remember any call of a “handpass” that lead to a controversial result, ever.

As @alanoc said, just call any handpass that isnt clear and everyone will cop on pretty quick.

This is the annual phase that the gaa goes through regarding picking a skill/rule in either football or hurling that is nothing else but tinkering for the sake of it.

Refs should blow every dodgy handpass, end of story.

I see the yellow sliotar blasphemous phase of last year has quietly varnished…again…tinkering for the sake of it.


In our last game ref blew up four times you could players knew they were doing it but annoyed at being pulled for it , played it quite strict , couple days later and Im watching inter county and throw fest on view

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And that’s the problem. consistency.

Who was it talking recently on some podcast or other about this, was it Donal og or someone? Anyways they were saying that players now can pass so quick it looks like a throw but they are technically striking the ball.


I would argue 90% are wrong probably


But you will never get 100% consistency. Even the rugby refs dont always get it right. Dont even mention VAR.

Tennis is about the best.

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Look at how many officals they have for a tiny pitch.

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Lot of players capable of performing the handpass at such speeds you’d think they had hummingbirds for hands. You can always tell when a ball is thrown as its got a totally different arc through the air.

The real rule clampdown concern should be the size of the bas, wouldn’t be a game in the country going ahead if they enforced that one :wink:

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Gone silly alright, more like a paddle than a hurley.

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This is the main problem. In the vast majority of cases there is separation but no longer ‘clear separation’. This has evolved as tackling rates have increased and as a means of combating spare hand tackles.

Exactly yeah and then “clear” is a very hard thing to define and that leads to inconsistency.