Happy Christmas and thanks to Mods

Just a quick note to thank the mods for the years work - and for the great new layout…

Happy Christmas All…


Sterling work , especially disposing of the undesirables around the AI Finals .

It must feel like a thankless job at times for the mods but the new site is great and we all appreciate it. Happy Christmas mods.


We wouldnt do it if we didn’t enjoy all yisser banter. Have a good one lads & lassies!


It’s always great at this time of the year when Sam is residing in Da Big Smoke.

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Happy Christmas to one and all. Have a great one folks and looking forward to 2017 already.

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Nollaig Shona lads míle buíochas as oct an mhéid déanta leis an suíomh nua.

Happy Christmas lads, and thanks for all the hard work put into new site. Have a good one.


happy christmas to everyone aboard the good ship resedubs. may 2017 bring us liam and sam and the need for CPR afterwards!


Happy Christmas you and your families.

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First person to say ‘x number of sleeps till Christmas’ is a c*nt.



Have to say that the new site really is a great improvement. Who doesn’t get a little bit excited when they see the little blue notifications circle in the top right when they log in, or see that their post got a fair share of upvotes?! Fair play to all involved.


Big thank you from here - the site is a great distraction from work ! Always good for a laugh and some insight , especially on the weather :relaxed:

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Happy Christmas to all here and the people from out west who get upset by my posts. Have a good one everyone.


Want to add my thanks to that. Well done all round. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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To all I have clashed with on here this year - I forgive you and accept your apology and acknowledgement that you were wrong.

To those who liked any of my posts this year - your taste is impeccable!

To anyone who reported me or flagged any post - you ■■■■■■■ I know where you live.

To those who support Leeds - drink plenty it helps.

To those who support Liverpool - illusions are made to be shattered.

To those who support Mayo - see Liverpool.

To those who support Manchester United - 聖誕快樂

To the non Dubs and lurkers - Sam wishes you all a Merry Xmas and is delighted to be spending the holidays here with his favourite people once again.

To the rest of you - and the Mods (including the Pun Police) have a great Xmas liberally sprinkled with alcohol, food, alcohol and a little spiritual awareness (ie too much vodka is bad for you!)



Merry Chrimbo ya mad bunch of menopausal aul wans.

Here’s to doing the Three-peat in 2017 !



LoL. so is offering someone - or their Da - a use of yer bales, a euphanism for 'summit else, down yonder in culchie land?

I hear ye on Liverpool…they regularly break my heart.

As a non-Dub…may I also wish you a short stint with God, as He’s soon moving to Ballygawley…only to come down to Dublin in September with a northern accent wearing a red & white beard. Get your confessions in now!

Also as a non-Dub, great site with lots of good football debate, contributors and craic. I still hope to have converted Bart to loving Ulster football…but that’s a slow burner.

Have a safe one.


[quote=“upthedall, post:19, topic:1475”]I still hope to have converted Bart to loving Ulster football…but that’s a slow burner.


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