Happy New Year 2021

An early Happy New Year Lads and Lassies. Here’s to 2021 and the Magnificent Seven. Please God some of us will be there to witness it in person.


Well said.

Let the other 31 chew on that for a while !



A happy and safe new year to you all.

Hopefully we’ll get some “precedented times” in 2021.


Such as Dublin winning the AI :+1:

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Sure you got that in unprecedented times anyway.

If the seven in a row is the price that must be paid for a normal life again then I’ll take it no arguments.


Happy New year to one and all, we’ve had our differences but the same as any family, chin up for 2021 and keep safe.

May 2021 be a year from heaven
May it be kind to the Dubs and deliver seven
May Corona fade and just disappear
May we congregate and hug without any fear
May we get more than enough of the cure to go around
May we all get vaccinated at the speed of sound
May we get rat arsed in our local pub
May we not have to pay €9 for grub
May we shop for essentials and non essentials too
May we stand an inch from the next person in the queue
May we cough and splutter with a maskless face
May we no longer have to track and no longer have to trace
May Brexit be kind to our businesses that trade
May Boris regret the mistakes they have made
May we once again be able to take to the air
May we enjoy our holliers on Playa Everywhere
May we mix in our thousands enjoying the craic
May we pray never again see the dark days back
May all the Ressers that post their thoughts here
Enjoy 2021 and have a Happy New Year!


Happy New Year folks.

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That’s Brilliant @DUB09

Happy new year to everyone here.

Ta MD. It’s for @Snowcat :wink:

You shouldn’t have!

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All I’m asking for next year (apart from the Magnificent Seven) is the ability to go to a game (GAA, Soccer, Rugby etc…) and have a few pints of porter before and after.


Do you think in 2021 we might see a reconciliation between the season ticket office and @Harrys_Tiles or is this a bridge too far?

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Happy new year lads

More chance of Arlene kissing the Pope’s ring.

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Did I just see Luke ONeill on the TV duetting with Mundy?

Happy new year to all in these environs.

Happy new year…!

C’mon…you really love us deep down.

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Been made watch Rte countdown it’s one big Rte product placement.

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Good fucking riddance 2020


And don’t let the door…