Healy rae says he would still fly if pilot had a few gargles on him

If we can find a pilot willing to do so, I’m happy for Healy-Rae to board the flight, too.


Was going to suggest Jim but it would be an awful waste .

Needs to be sectioned.

And I’m not joking. The man is clearly a danger to himself. He’s basically saying he’d have no problem getting on a plane Piloted by someone who has committed a grave criminal offence.

Sweet Jesus.

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I’ve read elsewhere that all this talk about drink driving is just to keep his rural voters happy . He’s just trying to keep his seat with this shit.

Yes. But he isn’t clearly not fit for office with this kind of carry on. It’s absolutely outrageous.


Absolutely , he’s a fucking head case . Thankfully none of his proposals regarding this will ever see the light of day .

It’s almost certain it’s a two finger salute from his constituents to the establishment that he gets elected. But when he says something ridiculous enough like wholly gawd controlling the weather etc and it’s gets international coverage it’s downright embarrassing.

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Danny sticking it to the boys in Dublin.


Does it have to be a pilot ?

The mass production of self-driving cars will rescue the rural Irish pub :slight_smile:

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May be too late for a lot of them. I drove through Ballintubber a good while back on a bright Friday evening and I think there were two pubs in it - both seemed closed down? No wonder the Altar Boys re always in bad form!!

Pub (Kellys) on the main Castlebar / Ballinrobe road only opens Thurs - Sun evenings. The main pub, Corleys, across from the Abbey, is almost open 24/7. This would be the Alter Boys local!!!

I am not a million miles away from Balintubber. My local has a policy of “you can drink as long as you want” - Luckily I am only a 10 min walk home. My nearest town had 35 pubs 15-20 years ago. Only 12 left now.

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Maybe it was Ballnrobe - was going from Galway to Castlebar. are there two pubs on the Main st closed?

A couple of them are closed - O’Connors and Gannons - but still a few still open on it.

Cheers - I thought it was Ballintubber but I usually close my eyes when driving so couldn’t be sure. Ballinrobe for the races!


Wardes, Sams and McGraths all going strong?