Herald GAA Supplement

No Tuesday Dublin GAA supplement in today’s Herald? Anyone know why?

Niall Scully has finally won the Mann-Booker prize and has resigned from the Heddled so that he can concentrate on other literary works!


Hope it not gone. I see the Fingal Independent is gone. Where they owned by Irish Indo?

Yeah they’re part of the Indo stable.

Stable being the operative word.

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You only have to pick up the paper to realise cut backs, its so thin now and charging the same price. I only ever but it on a Tuesday for the supplement but it thats gone that is the last of me buying newspapers.

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Looks like the Dublin GAA supplement is now history. Not part of the Herald again today.

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Herald coverage of Dublin championship in recent years has been non existent. Their sports coverage is a now carbon copy of Irish Independent.

No where to access scorers and line up of teams outside semi finals and finals. For example we don’t even know who top scorer was in Dublin championship. Even Dublin GAA website does very little match reports.

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No harm. ‘Bohan’s belles and the Jackies and the seasiders and auld Mr Brennan had the kettle on in the Nell and auld Bridie who had the lads looking dapper…’ No. There is nothing to mourn. Surely we can do better than that…

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You should bring out your own supplement. Your eloquence and deft use of words would commander a large audience. It’d be like AC/DC covering Walking in the Air

How much are you paying Tayto to kill my posts that spank you for your bitterness?

Stop being a nodding dog. Thought you were better than that.

Has there been any confirmation from Indo that they not doing the Dublin GAA supplement anymore? Likes of Ronan McLochlainn and Niall Scully done great on this over the years. Hard to get any decent match reports on Dublin club games now. The Star had two pages on Fossa win in yesterday paper. I presume the soccer section on local leagues in Herald is gone too.

Somebody’s upset to hear about this