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Not going into the finer details, but my 2 year old has an unhealthy relationship with wrecking our home. I’m wondering if anybody out there in resserland can help us with stopping her getting at the ash in the fire grate? Turn our back for 2 minutes and she has it spread all over the rooms.

I was thinking of fixing the fire screen into place on the grate, but that makes the fire that much more difficult to clean and set/light etc. We can’t get one of those cage things as she loves to climb also, so that would be way too tempting for her.

Any hints?

Don’t light the fire.

Not an option.

@Rochey Got one of these when kids where younger, well worth the investment. There’s a connection at either end to fix to the wall, and very easy to access the fire (for Adults).



Yeah, my parents had one something similar when we were kids, and it still gets used today, when the grandkids are over. Fire easily accessible for adults, and not a hope of kids getting inside.

Or out if being bold!


That’s the cage thing I meant. We thought about it, but she loves to climb, so she’s be up on it before you know it! Thanks anyway lads.

Meantime, she has feckin destroyed the gaf again. She turned on the tap upstairs whil I was out the back picking up from a wheelie bin/storm incident… flooded the bathroom, kitchen below and now the ceiling boards are staring to sag… I’m at my wits end really.

You need to tackle the causes, mate - not the symptoms. Sorry if that sounds a bit simplistic. If you sort the fireplace, she’ll have a go at the tap. Sort the tap out and she’ll start hiding your car keys…

Ha ha, good one! I find that if you stick marshmallows on their fingers when they’re inside, they get done in no time! :sunglasses:

@ Rochey my 2 year old has an unhealthy relationship with wrecking our home

We painted 1 wall of our Daughters bedroom with pink “blackboard” paint got her coloured chalks. Also got her coloured thumtacks/notice pins for pinning up notices, pics that she drew etc. We said anytime you need to wreck the place thats your spot, gave her a ghetto blaster to play music as she was doing it.

It worked a treat she never did anything anywhere else. by the age of 6 she was using it for maths homework. Nearly 15 now and its all algebra, science formulas & thankfully no boys phone numbers :rofl:


She’ll quickly learn when she catches her toes in it…

Believe me, we’ve both tried. Wits end. This ain’t my first time on the rodeo, but it’s deffo far above and beyond anything before.

I’m a broken man

How TF is Santa supposed to delivered his presents with that big bloody cage in his way? Huh?

Send her back to the hospital or sell her…

Jaysus, lads… it’s one thing having a laugh but this sounds serious enough to me so as not to be funny.
A bit of compassion wouldn’t go amiss.

Mate, its very hard to give parenting advice without sounding judgey, so please don’t take this that way, but you cant leave an child under the age of probably 4 (depending on the child) out of site for even 2 minutes…they have no clue about what is safe and what is not, whats ok and whats not…having not learned from experiences yet. They think they are bulletproof…

I think someone above said it, you just have to try to see the house through their eyes and not have “opportunities” like that available to them (this includes all types of paints, markers, creams, soaps etc…). Locks on doors and presses…try to see the room like a climbing frame also, that’s how she see it.

Someone above mentioned the blackboard wall paint as well…a friend of mine found that this “thought” their kid that drawing on walls was OK…made it worse.

I have two boys (5.5 and 4) and the two takeaways from my experience to date (and those around me) would be;

  1. Where possible, tell them / show them what to do, not what not to do i.e. “We only draw on paper” (and give some paper)…not just “Dont draw on the walls”.
  2. Always explain WHY you dont do something when giving out etc…It is very easy when you are sleep deprived and, as you say, at your whits end, to say “No No” or “Don’t do that!” or whatever…but try saying “Dont do that because…ie you could fall and hurt yourself”, “Don’t play with the fire as it may be hot and burn you”, “That will make Mam and Dad cross and will have to be cleaned up or it might break”.

There is no instruction manual, and we’ve all been there.
There isn’t a child in the world that hasn’t gone through “something” of a phase, whether is with teh toilet training, sleeping, food, destruction…

You just gotta persevere…and try and enjoy it while it lasts


Doesn’t sound judgey (is there such a word??) at all. This is our 3rd, so we’re well versed with the basics of parenting. And as for watching her all the time, that’s impossible. I come home from work and have a shit, and in the couple of minutes not having eyes on her, she has wrecked something. She deffo an opportunist. Waits until she’s not being watched and then proceeds to do stuff she knows she’s not supposed to!

She used to do the walk drawing thing, and we did the “paper only” it lasted a while and she got huge praise etc, but she still (only on Monday) drew on the couch with a marker.

I do appreciate the humor by the way lads, ya need to smile at times like these!


you mean you don’t shit in work ?

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:rofl: I’m listening to Persevere by The Proclaimers as I read this

Not in a million years. It’s a disaster when you have to snap one off mid shite!