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Not only is today the 30th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s also the 81st Anniversary of the Kristallnacht

Two completely contrasting events in the same country on the same date 51 years apart


There was doc on BBC 4 the other night about the people involved in the last days in east Berlin. One of the main organizers of the protests that brought down the regime discovered afterwards when the Stasi files were released that ten of his closest friends in the organizing committee had been informing on him. It was possibly the most efficient secret police state in history, but even that didn’t save it.

Went on school tour in Feb to Berlin after the Wall came down. Probably one of the best trips ever.
Only upset was a grave of a young woman from East Berlin who was shot dead in the July before the wall came down,trying to cross no man’s land.

Some amazing stories about the fall of the wall. Good idea for a thread! :+1:t2:

Remember hearing or reading at the time. Might have in Phoenix. Communist Party had organised a music night in Essex Street during the whole collapse of the socialist states.

Anyway, they had booked a fairly good band of the period called The Train Now Leaving, and tried to persuade them to change their name for the night lest it offend any of the comrades :smile:

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Just finished a good BBC documentary with John Simpson on the fall of the wall. I was only 3 at the time seems mental to me that their was 2 Germanys and a divided Berlin

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There was good reason for it being divided in fairness!

Red Army had gotten to Berlin and were given the eastern part and the eastern and central European countries as part of the settlement.

They raped and pillaged the country = took almost all surviving industrial plant back to Russia - and then turned it into another horror story for 45 years.

As someone said no one was ever shot trying to escape to the east. Sad that some people think that socialism is still some sort of solution to things.

Sadder to think that even by this late stage, you haven’t figured out that socialism is not the same as either communism or fascism. Now let’s not wreck this thread, which was a great idea in the first place.

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You talked about this before @mayoman

No Mayo need apply :wink:

No dogs and no connacht

Jeez that’s amazing… Didn’t know about that… Probably a few descendents help them win All Ireland’s after

Could be wrong but Tommy Dowd I think is one and there’s one or two others afaik.

“You stole our land, but you won’t steal Sam!”


Robbie O Malley another

If you go back far enough sure didn’t many of ye Leinster types get ran into Connacht? To Hell or to Connacht…it could be a case that many were just returning home

wasn’t that the ulster plantation/clearances?