Irish Womens team have beaten Spain on penalties to reach the World Cup final :clap::clap::clap:


Wooo hoo! Shane Ross’ investment pays off. Great game. Makes hurling look pedestrian.

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well done to the Irish women, great achievement.

I suppose Irish people don’t really follow ice hockey so there is no need to specify hockey as field hockey? :neutral_face:

Audacious fifth penalty by the Spanish to bring it to sudden death.

Like the game or not, it is a great achievement for the girls and best of luck tomorrow - even if it replaces a football batch on tv!!!


All through the shootout all I could see was @Harper

Think the co board need to apply for more funds for hurling and camogie. After this gaa are going to be losing the hearts and minds of young dubs. All out to three rock rovers I hear.

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A magnificent achievement

Well bloody done to them all!!!


You not seen the Boston bruins thread ? Dub09 is a big fan .

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Great achievement, well done to all. Are they the first senior Irish team to reach a World Cup final in any code?

According to George Hamilton they are indeed

Puts down batter burger…picks up glass of Prosecco…what a day to be an alum of a south side, private, hockey playing educational establishment…sobs…:champagne:

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WE’re the bestest women’s jolly hockey fans in the world.

I am so proud of us. We have done remarkably well to get to the Final. Hopefully we can finish the job tomorrow. I’d rather we played Aus in the Final. I reckon we can get at the girls Down Under

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Hockey is the heart beat of the nation.

Seriously though, major achievement/ Daughter played when she left camogie, Unforgiveably

Just avoid Marianne Finnucane tomorrow morning!

Your last sentence is open to all sorts of interpretations Dub 09!


Jeeze … so it is!

Women’s Hocky is coming home!

Irish folk posting on bbc sport and guardian website, “Ta se ag teacht abhaile “:joy:


I see the Dutch women have made the world cup final.