Holiday tips and suggestions

Don’t see a holiday/ trips away thread.

Looking for recommendations for things to do, places to go in Germany?

There’s lots to see in Berlin.

If you’re looking for outdoor stuff the Bavarian alps and the Black Forest look lovely.

As does a cycling trip following the Rhine.

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Any trip along the Rhein & Mosel is great. Can be done by train & boat too. Bacharach is a lovely little town. Plenty of opportunity for wine tours august to october, and there’s usually little festivals on everywhere, easy to look up anyway. Cologne worth a stop off.

Trier is a beautiful small city on the Mosel, near Luxembourg (also a nice small city), with the best Roman ruins anywhere in middle-Europe. Loads of castles can be visited along those rivers.

Bamberg (not far from Nuremburg in northern Bavaria/2 & a half hours from Frankfurt), is a great ancient small city, fantastic beers and bars, and in that region there’s also lovely wines, with some good tours. Nearby Wurzburg also worth a visit, and Bayreuth. Not a million miles from there to Leipzig & Dresden.

If you’d like to see the Alps head for Garmisch, can get there handy from Munich or Memmingem (Ryanair flies direct from Dublin). Memmingem itself is a very nice town. Salzburg (just over the border in Austria) is fabulous.

Spa towns (‘Baden’) are great in Germany, for example, Baden Baden near Karlsruhe (not far from Stuttgart), Bad Homburg (near Framkfurt), Wiesbaden (lovely city near Frankfurt, also has a gorgeous old grand casino), and loads more. Bad Windsheim near Bamberg also very nice.

In Northern Germany Bremen is a lovely city. Dusseldorf also worth a visit.


How far is that from Frankfart?

Jesus ., there’s bad en …and there’s bad en …

Fair play Al - great knowledge of Germany.

Unfortunately one of the few western European countries that I have little or no experience of :frowning:

We don’t call him Angela Merk-Al for nothing.

Cheers lads.

Looking at a relaxed cultural week, with beer, in Berlin and one other city/ town if possible.

About 300 piles

I’m not so familiar with Berlin but those who are have told me it’s great, albeit alot of it was destroyed. Nearby Potsdam is meant to be interesting. You could head from Berlin to Dresden, which although completely destroyed, became a case project in complete reconstruction of nearly every building as it was pre-war. It’s meant to be fantastic.

I was staying in a town called Freudenstadt on a work trip a couple of years ago and went on a visit to a great little town Waldactal with a water powered sawmill. On Thursday nights they turn it into a bar with live music. A couple of lads in the Lederhosen with an accordion and a guitar.

Our group were singing a few Dubliners songs and the 2 lads said they would play an Irish tune for us which happened to be Mull of Kintyre :grin: It was a great night, its about 90km south of Stuttgart. here’s a link

It was probably just a Freudenstadt slip …

Still digging around old threads!

Have been to Dusseldorf, a long long time ago, think I was only around 20, remember it being great, but couldn’t recall much of ti to recommend anything

Was in Oberhausen with work for a week a few years back. Their claim to fame is Paul the Octopus who predicted the winners in the 2010 world cup, actually think it was 2011 when I was there and they had flags of him up around the place. Apart from that, an absolute kip, reminded me of Drogheda. Dark and dreary and fook all happening!

Was in Berlin 3 years ago for a Stag. Great craic from what I remember. We did the beer bike thing on the second day and got to see all the sites while gargling away at the same time. highly recommended!

Lads , looking for any good hotels that are in central in London ??

Well lads , thought I’d just throw up a review of my stay here in Rome .Fabulous spot if your into a bit of history . Stayed pretty central near Piazza del Popolo.Nice b & b on Via di Ripetta .Pretty big city & lots of walking involved but only a few Kms to each tourist destination.Google maps was a life saver !
First day just got our bearings for the place .Went to the Vatican City on Thursday . Not a religious person by any means but the place is just extraordinary . The art work & sculptures were breath taking . St Peters Basilica was mind blowing , full to the brim with eye catching sculptures & frescos . The Cistine Chapel , no words to describe it .Your not allowed to speak or take pictures for fear of damaging the fresco paintings .Awe inspiring stuff . We had our own guide who was brilliant , would have missed loads without her pointing it out to us .

Friday went to the Colosseum & Forum.Another amazing site , the architecture involved in building this place was unreal .

Saturday had an all day trip out to Pompeii. Not as spectacular as the other places but the history of it was very interesting.

Sunday , visited the Pantheon , just another beautiful place & then took a spin out to the Stadio del Olympico.No game on & unfortunately they don’t do tour when matches aren’t on so that was unfortunate but I didn’t look into that before going so my bad !

Today just walked around & did bus tour to pass the time . We had pretty much walked around alot of the city prior to this so there wasn’t anything new . Should probably have done this on the first day . Saw ■■■■ all bars over there except for a few Irish ones but this wasn’t a booze holiday so wasn’t bothered .Don’t think they are into their bars much anyway over there , they just pack out the restaurants every evening . Food was lovely , wasnt too bothered about the price but I’d expect it to be no dearer than if you were in Temple Bar .People nice & friendly too although I get the impression if you don’t try & use some of the Italian language they nearly prompt you too in a not so subtle way .
Heading back tomorrow so i can’t recommend the place highly enough . 6 days was probably too long , 5 would have been ideal .The weather was great too , in the low to mid 20s everyday , couldn’t ask for more .

Viva Italia :sunglasses::smiley:

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Was there in 2001 and have been back three times since as well as 3 other Italian holidays incl Sicily!

Adore Rome and had many similar experiences to you. It’s a great city to walk around because most of the attractions are close to each other. Did the Vatican (Papal audience) and Sistine - memories to this day. Also went up into the cupola - great views.

Metro is very straightforward too. It’s just one treasure after another. Pantheon, Bocca della Verita, Trevi, Colosseum, John Lateran, Maria Maggiore, Scala Sancta, etc. I was disappointed with the Roman Forum - they’ve really let it go.

The food is great obviously and you can get good value as there is real competition. The Italians are realty family people too.

Recommend anybody to put Rome on your bucket list.

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The Pantheon is wonderful, 2000 years old and has a concrete roof.

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And it has produced thousands of world class sports people …

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When ya go to somewhere like Rome , ya really wonder why people bother coming here for their holiers .Not knocking Ireland but the weather is shite .They must come for the peace & quiet & all the irish leprechaun bolloxolgy .

Florence trumps everything else in Italy. And that’s no mean feat.

Rome is the best capital city I’ve ever been to.

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Was there in 2002, probably best city I’ve visited. Miss being a millionaire with all the Lira.