Hurl dilemma

Not sure if this has been spoken about on past threads.Just wondering what the ressers thoughts on the cost of ash hurls and their availability going forward was?

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I switched to mycrosport plastic hurls and wouldnt go back. Bought a spare at Christmas and its identical. Was getting 3 games max out of ash hurls. They are class and rarely break. Will be buying them from now on for the kids aswell.

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I think the Ash being used now is too quickly grown and too fresh.Even if you soak them in linseed they still don’t last!Its an expensive sport for juveniles and working men alike!

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I was using a popular Wexford brand before mycrosport, lovely hurls but break if you look at them😄. A lad i hurl with swears by the Bamboo hurls…Dont see any inter county using anything but traditional ash yet.

Fair few intercounty using the Torpey bamboo at this stage i think


Dowling Star hurleys are the best imo and last the best,


Is it just me or are a lot of hurls breaking very very easily in tge last while, could it be the poor quality of ash out there.

Soon be no ash at all. Bamboo being used…this is from today’s IT

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One of the reasons Cannings closed wasn’t it? V sad.

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