Hurleys and Hurley Makers

Who is the best around for making Hurleys now lads? Couple of lads in my own club just home from the states and are looking for a few wands, any advice would be great cheers

Brian Walsh hurleys in Wexford are great if you’re down that way and he’s regularly up in Dublin.

Farrell hurls up in Coolock are decent at repairs too and will make you a good Hurley too to what ever why you want as well.

Dowlings in KK still make the only hurls that everyone wants to use. Having said that, its an individual thing. I’ve seen various hurley makers try to copy stars that lads have had (size, weight etc) with mixed results.

Thanks for the info lads, have heard good things about all those myself so will pass it on cheers

Great to use, but I always found them not the most durable and easily broken. Maybe I wasn’t wristy enough.

Sure there all made of timber Beeko, they wont last forever :grin:

Don’t want them breaking after the first flaking, though! :wink:

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Spoke like a true Mons man :kissing_heart::joy:

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Reviving this old thread rather than starting a new one.

Has anyone ever tried these
Based out in the business park in Ballycoolin prices seem reasonable and customise the hurl then and there.

Also excuse my ignorance on this I was aware of the Cork style hurl with the big heel and the Kilkenny style but what exactly is the Dublin style hurl as seen here ?

This is a hurl designed for players who are not as “wristy” as their country cousins!!


I was awaiting something like that or a picture of a baseball bat ! Asked a few other lads and different styles were to do with the weight and bas shape but they had never heard of a Dublin style. The Cawrk one is almost like a goal keepers one !