Hurling Championship 2016

Dunno if this non-Dublin thread is allowed or not, apologies to mods if not. Starting tomorrow with Cork/Tipp. Both teams:

Cork team

  1. Anthony Nash Kanturk
  2. Damian Cahalane St Finbarrs
  3. Mark Ellis Millstreet
  4. Conor O’Sullivan Sarsfield
  5. Lorcan McLoughlin Kanturk
  6. Christoper Joyce Na Piarsaigh
  7. Cormac Murphy Mallow
  8. Daniel Kearney Sarsfield
  9. William Egan Kilbrin
  10. Bill Cooper Youghal)
  11. Conor Lehane Midleton
  12. Brian Lawton Castlemartyr
  13. Alan Cadogan (Douglas)
  14. Seamus Harnedy St Itas Capt
  15. Patrick Horgan Glen Rovers

16. Patrick Collins Ballinhassig
17. Killian Burke Midleton
18. Michael Russell Aghada
19. Stephen Murphy Blackrock
20. Sean O’Donoghue Inniscarra
21. Aidan Walsh Kanturk
22. Niall Cashman Blackrock
23. Paul Haughney Midleton
24. Luke O’Farrell Midleton
25. John Cronin Lisgoold
26. William Leahy Aghada

Tipp Team v Cork: Gleeson Barrett Barry Cahill Kennedy R Maher P Maher B Maher Breen Curran McCormack N McGrath ODwyer Callanan J McGrath

Expect Cork to play with Egan as sweeper, two man half-forward line and two men inside. Dunno about Tipp. If its low on goals/high on points Cork have a chance, if Tipp goal 2 or more they win. I’d expect Tipp by 6-7 points.

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Easy win for Tipp I would imagine. Cork shouldn’t be in division 1 bar the crazy structure that allows them to stay up based on winning one game. Tipp for me.

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of course it is T - good to see you made it across.

You’d have to fancy tipp really, just hope it’s a good game, because last years championship was short on crackers. Think Cork will need goals to stay in it.

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I’d expect Cork to throw everything at Tipp today. You would have to think though that Tipp are just too good for them at the moment. However, I think if Tipp take their eye off the ball and come in overconfident, Cork have a shot. They still have some very dangerous players on their day, and if all of Lehane, Cadogan, Harnedy and Horgan click in the forwards, they could give Tipp a tough time of it.
Here’s hoping for a good game at least.

Really looking forward to the game this afternoon. Think Tipp will win the game but with Corks forward line they could blow Tipp out of the water like Clare did to the Cats in the league. Summer has really started when the Munster Championship gets going!

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I will risk public shame and say Cork have a chance, if they have a decent defensive structure and if they come prepared for war!

Not really sure where people are getting the idea that Cork had a chance today. They have been useless all year. If the league was actually a league they would have been relegated. They are desperately poor so far. The worst Cork team I have ever seen.

This could get embarrassing. Agree on the worst cork team I’ve ever seen, a shambles so far, hope to Christ they wake up.

You WANT Cork to wake up :confused:

Yes I was very wrong. Heard that Cork are very strong at development squads level. They need those boys to grow up fast. As for the match, Waterford owe the hurling world an apology for introducing Jimmy McGuinness’ tactics to hurling. The sweeper system is disgusting to watch and based on cowardice. You should go out to win, as opposed to going out to stop the other team from playing.

Would like them to make a game of it, can’t see it happening.

Barry Kelly is keen to make a game of it…

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But isn’t it pointless having a go at Waterford (or Donegal in football)? The powers-that-be need to adopt changes to ensure tactical tweaks by teams don’t cannibalise a given sport. Or other managers need to think their way around a given tactic. There’s no doubting you have a problem though when goals in a sport like hurling begin to dry up.

bit of a miserable match, tipp won’t care of course, a win is a win, but cork are a complete shambles. Bit of fight there for a bit but very poor overall.

Duignan just saying that, not a shot on goal all day.

Still playing the sweeper …

The solution is not easy to find. 13 a side? Having a rule that you must have at least 4 players in the opposition half! Not easy to do.

Make the pitch bigger.

Like in football, perhaps even more so, the idea of playing negative hurling will generally be found out in a few years and less teams will do it/for less often. Only teams with really top class players can afford to do it for any reasonable gain. Pointless Cork doing it today, damage limitation? Sad day for Cork hurling.

At least when Dub footballers were in the doldrums the likes of Pillar had us playing very attractive football and for the most part it served us well. No matter what system we played we weren’t beating the Tyrones, Kerrys or Mayos til we had better players and were able to vary the game/mix it up. 2011 semi-finals will be a once in a generation thing, or less.

What would I prefer, the Pillar years where we eventually got hammered by tactically more ruthless teams (who also happened to have better teams), or if under Pillar we turned to sweepers, blanket etc, and still never looked like winning against the best whilst producing poor spectacle games? The former please, playing that way we at least had some great days now and then in the All-I and won Leinster Championships in style.

BTW commiserations to Turenne, a top class poster here. Chin up, I can’t see Cork staying so down for long

Hard to believe the bulk of that Cork team were a whisker away from an All Ireland. Not good to dwell on the past but 2013 was a real missed opportunity for the Dubs.

TBF this Cork team don’t score goals, sweeper or otherwise, and haven’t bar a few months when Nash was taking penalties under the old rule. Its been a perennial problem for Cork hurling since Setanta left/Joe Deane retired. Horgan, Cadogan and Lehane in particular have zero intention of even so much as looking for one - its bred into them to be passive and take points

However hurling is in an awful state right now. Nothing better than a good hurling match…but there is without a doubt nothing worse than a bad one. Every miss pass and ten yard wide is like a dagger to the soul, even if you are just watching as a neutral.

I’d suggest over-instruction, over-training and the back door system have more to do without than the sweeper system. Yesterday’s game was primarily terrible due to Cork’s terrible touch and their complete lack of intensity imo.