Hurling Championship 2018

Loads of big games this weekend

RTÉ will have to change their coverage format to cover these new formats, it’s no longer one or two big games a weekend but a glutt of games.

Constricted by the contracts though. Should try and re-negotiate for next season if possible.

good point, but yes, lots more matches to show if they stick with this format.

i must say i think the format is great - loads of matches good crowds.

Offaly v Wexford
Galway v Kilkenny

Tipp v Cork
Clare v waterford

If Cork beat Tipp - tips are in big trouble. Galway v Kilkenny will be interesting, I think Galway will edge that one at home.

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Wexford gave Offaly an absolute hiding

Offaly running out of steam?

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Their year is done and not having a break now will be brilliant for us. We should beat them by as much

Offaly also had 3 sent off which will help.

Only one on a straight red. The two were double yellows. One suspended next week.

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RTE report suggests two straight reds. Not that it should make a lot of difference.

Two reds and one 2nd yellow. 2nd yellow player looked injured so will probably miss game. Dublin should hammer Offaly next week.

A Kilkenny win today probably suits us better.

Don’t think we’ll hammer them setup like we have done. Currently we are difficult to beat but would need 3 man FF line to hammer someone IMHO.

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Jaysus tipp are in real trouble here, cork very impressive.

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Game has caught fire sections half 2-13 to 1-20

ONe point game, some comeback by tipp.

Cork have gone to pieces second half

… they’ve found their mojo again and lead by 2 now

Ends level. What a game.