Hurling championship revamp

Cork, meanwhile had a motion asserting that promotion and relegation be confined to Leinster. This has been rejected. This means there will be promotion and relegation in and out of the Munster SHC. This means if Kerry win the new tier two championships, one of Tipp, Cork, Waterford, Clare or Limerick will drop down and be replaced by the Kingdom.

Cue uproar if/when this happens.

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And yet a lot of the top tier counties don’t want it. Mad stuff.

Munster in particular can run some club activity in the summer.

Not anymore.

Laois, Offaly and Meath’s motion to allow the winner and runner up of the new tier two tournament created by Central Council’s restructuring motion (possibly to be called the Joe McDonagh Cup) into the Liam MacCarthy Cup in the same year at a preliminary quarter-final stage is passed with an overwhelming majority.

… and there’s the fudge

In theory it leaves more weekends county free.

Can’t see how if every county plays a minimum of five championship games.

hmmm yea, i guess it leaves more weekends free overall but not on a per county basis. for me it only makes sense to go league-championship if you cut back the league.

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At least the club hurling will get going in early September instead of the end of September. There needs to be some break for county players too so hopefully they get it. Should be a blanket ban on games at club and county level in November and December.

Arent they also looking at finishing off the club championship in the calendar year?

Here’s the main points from today from RTE

The key points are:

Central Council’s restructuring of the Senior Hurling Championship were passed overwhelmingly. They will run on a three-year trail basis.

Leinster and Munster will contain five teams each and they will be run off on a round robin basis.

A new tier two championship, possibly to be called the Joe McDonagh Cup, will be created. Hurling will now have five tiers - Liam MacCarthy, Joe McDonagh, Christy Ring, Nicky Rackard and Lory Meagher.

The winner and runner up in the new tier two championship will enter the Liam MacCarthy Cup at the preliminary quarter-final stage.

If Kerry win the second tier competition they will be promoted to the Munster SHC, with one of the five counties already there - Cork, Waterford, Tipperary, Clare and Limerick relegated.

We are now breaking for lunch and we’ll be back into action at 2.15 for motions regarding the Under-12 Hurling Championship and the playing of club games.

It’s great news for Dublin . Guaranteed championship games against Kilkenny and Galway in the summer is the only way we will improve

The motion is carried moving Galway and, in all likelihood, Antrim will play in the Leinster Under-21 Championship.

Offaly tried to shift Galway to munster, unsuccessfully.

Agree with that, it will be a huge bonus for the new management team, we can develop a team a lot quicker then the current setup.

Good motion this, although with Galway now in Leinster u21 competition, it’ll be a bit more difficult to reach the final.

Cork’s proposed amendment is accepted which means that the All-Ireland Under-21 hurling semi-finals will continue, the winner of Leinster will play the loser from Munster and vice versa. This will see a beaten team given a second chance in either Under-21 championship for the first time.

Which is good . False impression being given at u21 level for Dublin .

Home and away basis in Leinster? Parnell PK I’d assume would be the home venue not Croker!!

Definitely Parnell Park - should be a great atmosphere there for home games.

They just explained the new format - now with the tier two lads getting a pre-quarterfinal play off with the third placed teams, the whole thing is far too bloody complicated. Only the GAA devises competition structures where you need a jaysus diagram and 20 sentences to explain the thing.

The highest vote of the day - 91 per cent in favour of the latest Central Council motion. The period of time inter-county managers can call on their players before a game is reduced from 13 days to 10 days. This means club matches can be played within ten days of an inter-county fixture.

Interesting one.

Minor reform - second chance for Tribesmen

The All-Ireland Minor Hurling Championship has been restructured.

Ulster counties, as agreed by the Leinster and Ulster councils, will play in the Leinster Minor Championship.

The losers of the Munster and Leinster championships will go into a round robin group with Galway, with the top two teams progressing to face the provincial championships in the All-Ireland semi-finals. This means Galway minors have a second chance, should they need it, for the first time.

More strange competition structures. Can we not just play minor as a league and get rid of the provincial championships? Let lads play against all the other top teams.

Never going to happen. Rulemis already in the book as thirteen days and is totally flouted.

Disaster for U16. Taking the best players away from their clubs for even longer. Will almost certainly result in all 15,16 and minor club championships being player in September and October along with school’s games. Burn out? They just don’t care.

Anyone with an interest in club could only be appalled by this.


As always in ireland, laws are one thing, enforcement is another kettle of fish.