Hurling League & Championship 2023

Hurled with a club in Louth? If he was hurling with there county panel

Lived up there but never heard of him or his brother playing for a Louth club .

Or didnt live there as it turned out

Whats the end game here, plenty of expenses? Or genuinely moving with work?

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Some journeyman.

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Decent league really all things considered, level on points with Waterford a bit behind Kilkenny and tipp is where you’d expect us to be at the start, good to get pretty comfortable win over Laois with lots of guys chipping in with scores no just Donal, 30 scores with only 6 from frees and Donal with only (!) 3 from play.

Good to see Purcell, Costello and Whitley all scoring after coming in.


Should be two good semi-finals

Could they not put them on as a double header in Tullamore or Portlaoise? Or were the top teams guaranteed home advantage?

We have a home / away agreement with KK and they came to PUC last year

Are games on at same time?

That would make a lot of sense. Packed house. The GAA do tend to things arse ways at times.


Well done to the lads


…and play them on Saturday evening, so not clashing with the final round of the football league.
And then, on Sunday play all Div 2 footbal games at 2pm and all Div 1 games at 4pm, boosting TV exposure.


Looking forward to limerick v tipp this evening

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Fair play to Westmeath for putting up 3-24 to beat the Lemons and relegate them.


Why did they not Cork and Kilkenny on today? Could play D1 and D2 football games tomorrow at different times and more exposure on TV.


I’ll ask chat GPT why they didn’t, she might make sense if it.

Notice there’s wall to wall rugby pro12 on rte today, since when did that happen?

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They’re showing clips from 2008 final, the difference is physical development compared to players now, loads of small slight looking lads. not sure it has benefited the game mind you.

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I miss Joe Canning😪

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