Hurling Review of 2019

Hurling Review of the year

Division 1B

Division 1B Table

NHL quarter-finals Relegated team

Team Pld W D L F A Diff Pts
Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin 5 4 0 1 7-84 4-76 +17 8
Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford 5 4 0 1 14-98 4-71 +57 8
Colours of Galway.svg Galway 5 3 1 1 5-100 4-78 +25 7
Colours of Laois.svg Laois 5 1 1 3 6-75 7-95 -23 3
Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly 5 1 0 4 6-57 10-94 -49 2
Colours of Carlow.svg Carlow 5 0 2 3 1-95 10-75 -27 2
  • Offaly are ranked ahead of Carlow because they won the head-to-head game between the teams. Offaly were relegated as they were beaten in the relegation playoff by Carlow.
Division 1B Round 1[

Saturday 26 January
7pm Dublin 3-15 - 0-18 Carlow Parnell Park
Referee: A Kelly (Galway)

D Burke 1-4, E Dillon 1-1, J Hetherton 0-4 (0-3f), D O’Connell 1-0, F McGibb 0-2, O O’Rorke 0-1 (0-1f), F Whitely 0-1, T Connolly 0-1, P Smyth 0-1. Report M Kavanagh 0-12 (0-9f), T Joyce 0-2, C Nolan 0-2, J Doyle 0-1, S Murphy 0-1.

Division 1B Round 2[

Sunday 3 February
14:00 Offaly 0-12 - 2-19 Dublin O’Connor Park
Referee: J Keenan (Wicklow)
K Connolly (3f), E Cahill (3f) 0-3 each, P Murphy 0-2, O Kelly, C Gath, D Egan, K Dunne 0-1 each. Report O O’Rorke 2-3, D Burke 0-6, J Hetherton 0-3 (2f), D Treacy (1f), F Whitely 0-2 each, L Rushe, S Moran, D Sutcliffe 0-1 each.

Division 1B Round 3

Sunday 17 February
14:00 Galway 0-20 - 1-11 Dublin Pearse Stadium
Attendance: 6,983
Referee: J Owens (Wexford)
J Canning 0-8 (0-8f), C Mannion 0-4, S Bleahene 0-2, J Flynn 0-1, C Whelan 0-1, A Harte 0-1, N Burke 0-1, S Loftus 0-1, D Glennon 0-1. Report D Sutcliffe 1-0, R McBride 0-3 (0-1sl), D Treacy 0-3 (0-1 65, 0-2f), E Dillon 0-2, J Hetherton 0-1 (0-1f), D Burke 0-1, S Moran 0-1 (0-1f).

Division 1B Round 4

Sunday 24 February
14:00 Dublin 1-26 - 4-15 Waterford Parnell Park
Referee: F Horgan (Tipperary)
O O’Rorke 0-11 (0-8f, 0-1 65), L Rushe 1-1, E Dillon 0-4, D Sutcliffe 0-4, C Crummey 0-2, J Hetherton 0-2, S Barrett 0-1, F Whitely 0-1. Report Stephen Bennett 2-7 (1-7f), Shane Bennett 1-2, T Ryan 1-1, J Barron 0-2, K Moran 0-2, J Prendergast 0-1.

Division 1B Round 5

Sunday 3 March
14:00 Dublin 0-13 - 0-11 Laois Parnell Park
Referee: L Gordon (Galway)
D Sutcliffe, D Treacy (3f) 0-3 each, O O’Rorke, S Moran (1f, 1 '65) 0-2 each, S Barrett, J Hetherton, C Boland 0-1 each. Report M Kavanagh 0-4 (3f), C Dwyer 0-2, E Rowland (f), S Downey, A Dunphy, P Purcell, W Dunphy 0-1 each.

Division 1 Quarter Finals

16 March 2019
16:30 Tipperary 0-23 - 1-21 Dublin Semple Stadium
Referee: P Murphy (Carlow)
J Forde 0-7 (6f), N McGrath 0-4 (1f), J Morris 0-3, M Kehoe, Callanan 0-2 each, R Maher, M Breen, N O’Meara, J McGrath, B Maher (f) 0-1 each. Report E Dillon 1-3, S Moran 0-5 (3f, 1 '65), O O’Rorke 0- 5 (4f), C Boland, P Ryan 0-2 each, E O’Donnell, C Crummey, J Malone 0-1 each.

24 March 2019
Semi-final Limerick 1-19 - 1-16 Dublin Nowlan Park
Referee: J Keenan (Wicklow)

A Gillane (3f), D Byrnes (4f) 0-5 each, G Mulcahy 0-3, S Flanagan 1-0, D O’Donovan 0-2, T Morrissey, G Hegarty, P Casey, C Lynch 0-1 each. Report P Ryan 0-6f, D Sutcliffe, E Dillon 0-3 each, R Hayes 1-0, T Connolly, D Treacy, S Moran (f), C Crummey 0-1 each.

Leinster group matches[edit]

Leinster Round 1[edit]

11 May 2019Round 1 Kilkenny Colours of Kilkenny.svg\ 20x13 2-23 (29) (24) 1-21 Colours of Dublin.svg\ 20x13 Dublin showKilkenny

12 May 2019Round 1 Galway Colours of Galway.svg\ 20x13 1-24 (27) (21) 1-18 Colours of Carlow.svg\ 20x13 Carlow showSalthill

Leinster Round 2[edit]

19 May 2019Round 2 Carlow Colours of Carlow.svg\ 20x13 1-14 (17) (31) 3-22 Colours of Kilkenny.svg\ 20x13 Kilkenny showCarlow

19 May 2019Round 2 Dublin Colours of Dublin.svg\ 20x13 1-22 (25) (25) 2-19 Colours of Wexford.svg\ 20x13 Wexford showDublin

Leinster Round 3[edit]

26 May 2019Round 3 Galway Colours of Galway.svg\ 20x13 0-16 (16) (16) 0-16 Colours of Wexford.svg\ 20x13 Wexford showSalthill

2 June 2019Round 3 Carlow Colours of Carlow.svg\ 20x13 1-13 (16) (28) 2-22 Colours of Dublin.svg\ 20x13 Dublin showCarlow

Leinster Round 4[edit]

8 June 2019Round 4 Wexford Colours of Wexford.svg\ 20x13 2-28 (34) (19) 0-19 Colours of Carlow.svg\ 20x13Carlow showWexford

9 June 2019Round 4 Kilkenny Colours of Kilkenny.svg\ 20x13 2-22 (28) (29) 3-20 Colours of Galway.svg\ 20x13Galway showKilkenny

Leinster Round 5[edit]

15 June 2019Round 5 Wexford Colours of Wexford.svg\ 20x13 0-21 (21) (21) 1-18 Colours of Kilkenny.svg\ 20x13 Kilkenny showWexford

15 June 2019Round 5 Dublin Colours of Dublin.svg\ 20x13 3-19 (28) (24) 0-24 Colours of Galway.svg\ 20x13Galway showDublin

All-Ireland preliminary quarter-finals[edit]

The third-placed teams in the Leinster and Munster championships play the two teams who competed in the Joe McDonagh Cup Final, with the two Joe McDonagh finalists having home advantage. The Joe McDonagh champions, Laois, face third-placed Leinster team, Dublin, in the first preliminary quarter final, while the runners-up, Westmeath, meet Cork, the third-placed team from Munster, in the other preliminary quarter final.

7 July 2019 Westmeath Colours of Galway.svg\ 20x13 0-20 (20) (43) 1-40 Colours of Cork.svg\ 20x13 Cork showMullingar

7 July 2019 Laois Colours of Laois.svg\ 20x13 1-22 (25) (23) 0-23 Colours of Dublin.svg\ 20x13 Dublin showPortlaoise

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it really wasn’t a bad year until that last match, encouraging in a lot of ways, hoping we can kick on in 2020.


Yep lots of lessons to be learned all round from Portlaoise, playing the ball/match ahead of you being the main one. Wexford game was good in patches, done well to dig that out. Coming down the stretch we pulled ahead of Galway/2017 AI champs, in a must win game. Shows the potential: have to push on from that…


All Ireland hurling final being shown on TG4 now

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Whose winning?

Forgot how comprehensive it was.

Will we ever get to one?

Yes. We will. And at some stage there will come a tipping point. Perversely, dual lads will pick hurling, once we have won the hurling All Ireland without them.

Can we block WiFi from seeing this thread?

I second that motion!

That’s fair enough but the loss v Laois colours everything. Has certainly knocked us back. Will have to wait & see if lessons learnt and we become stronger mentally because of it. Could go the other way also. Huge year now for Kenny.

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KK hammered us in the last 40 minutes of that game. Pains me to say it but they did. Scoreline didnt really reflect it. We were steeped to get a draw against Wexford. As for Laois, not much more can be said. I’d admire the positive spin lads but it was a v poor year imo. Its piss or get off the pot time now for that team.

The Laois game in all its glory is being shown on TG4 on Wednesday afternoon.

Oh sorry. Thought this was the Good TV thread. :smiley:

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Overall feeling on the year underwhelmed, you can point to this and that and margins here and there but I never felt we had it in us to compete with the best when they are at their best.
That said the glass is half full as I do believe there are lads within the next year or two that can and will make a difference ready to break through


That’s it in a nutshell. Watch either semi and one of the quarters and I dont think us at our best at any stage this year would have won any of them games. Theres scope there for improvement but it’s now or never for a lot on that panel.

Beat the best at their best? No, we’re a ways off that for sure but we are close to the second best when we’re going well. There is a slight penchant around here for being overly critical at times, just in the doom and gloom around the laois game we were reasonably competitive most of the rest of the year - even against the best in the league getting 21-22 scores in most games, if we could lift that to 25 or so we’d be a lot more competitive.

Thanks for the heads up