If things were different?

I opened this topic, to keep negative stuff away from the Championship v Galway thread which will clearly open soon. My question is this. If the lads who won’t play now, were put together with a few recent retirements, what kind of a team would it be, and would it beat the players that G.C. has left? Obviously there is a fantasy element as some players will be picked who might not not be available but were in the recent past. It’s only a bit of fun!

For starters:
Alan Nolan
P. Kelly
Mc Crabbe or Joey B.
Colm Cronin
S. Treacy

The Galway thread is already open boss :joy:

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Based on the above I’d recommend spec savers in a lot of cases

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The only one there I would be interested in is Danny. Nolan is no better than the 2 current GKs, McClelland will never play senior inter-county, Treacy doesn’t want to be involved so I wouldn’t chase him, the rest you mentioned have all seen better days.

I did say it wasn’t a serious thread!

Seen better days at 27/28? We can’t afford to retire players before their time.

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Theres only 2 players there who fall into your 27/28 category (Kelly & Ryan), Treacy & Cronin have opted out. As I said, the only one I’d be interested in is Danny.

Explain to me how Danny opting out is different to the others who have opted out?

Some players are worth chasing & I think Danny is one of them. He was arguably our best & most promising player at the time. Treacy is a 21yr old kid who has never played senior nevermind actually starring at senior. That’s the difference.

Peter Kelly, should he get over the injury, is in the same boat. Would have huge options in defence if he was back to his best. Shane Durkin at 29 is hardly over the hill. an experienced & tidy hurler who would add a lot. Cronin seems to have really improved his hurling, we could really use his pace and engine in the HF line. Paul Ryan is still one of the best forwards in the county.