Indirect Free

What is the penalty if a player scores from an indirect free?

Never seen it happen but in this weather with the ground so hard a player could kick it forward and ball bounces, touches no other player and goes over.

I looked at the rule book and can’t find the answer. All I can see is a player cannot score from this free but it doesn’t say what happens if they do.

Is it a hob ball where the free was taken or on the 20m line? Or is it a free out from sqaure, 13/20m line or where the original indirect free was?

Throw ball where the free was taken.

Cheers. What rule would that be under? Couldn’t find it.

I was thinking it was a free out as the ball was fouled, similar to a square ball.

What happens if a is blocked by a defender and THEN hits the Ref before going out? 45 or wide?

Throw ball from where ball hit ref.

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What happens if the ref doesn’t see any of this because he is being chased by a Jack Russell?


Not in the rule book but a directive was issued by Croke Park when this query was raised a few years back. Will look for it.

Same logic to be applied where the free taker fouls the free by striking it a second time - throw ball.