That time of the year again… Need to shop around for Car and House insurance.

Anyone getting a good deal? From whom? And any contacts such a brokers etc?

Thanks folks :+1:

I have the car with Supervalu insurance who use FBD, found them very competitive and they give you vouchers too - I rang them up when I got my renewal this year to get it amended and they gave me a further discount which took the price below what it originally was - I always ring at renewal of our car and house insurance and haggle for a discount

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i got a renewal quote from last year and it was dearer than requesting a fresh quote from them.
So ultimatley i didnt take up the offer on the renewal quote - but took out a fresh policy with them for a few quid less (same cover)

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That really grinds the gears, no pun intended (this time). Loyalty means nothing to some.

Thanks for the tips folks. Appreciated :+1:

Have you tried its4women?
I’m with them the last 3 years for car insurance, definitely the cheapest for me anyway.
It’s not just for women btw.

Do you have to identify as a woman??? This could get hairy ……

As Eve said, on entering puberty.

What if your gender fluid and you’re insured as a woman but at the time of the crash you’re a man :thinking:

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