Inter-Club Competitions Restructuring Proposal - Effective 1st January 2018

GAA Congress in 2016 decided that to be eligible for Inter-County Minor in 2018 a player shall be under 17 years of age on 1st January 2018.

The County Management Committee requested Ken O’Sullivan to chair a working group to consider the impact of the change under the following brief and make recommendations;

The Potential Impact of Inter-County Minor(U17) Competitions on Dublin Club Competitions from 1/1/2018;
Views to be sought from Adult CCC, Coaching& Games Development, Bórd na nÓg, CCC1 and CCC2;

From 1st January 2018

  1.     For both Football and Hurling, Minor Age Group at Club Level to replicate Inter-County Level and change to Under 17.
  2.     A new age group Under 19 to be introduced
  3.     Games Programme Governance

CCC1 U8 to U12 No Change
CCC2 U13 to Minor (U17) Minor moving from CCC to CCC2 *
Adult CCC Under 19 New Age Group to CCC *
4. Under 15 to play on Saturday (currently Sunday)
5. Under 16 to play on Sunday (currently Saturday)
6. Minor (U17) to play on Sunday
7. Under 19 to play on same day as AHL/AFL Divisions 1-4
*Bye Law changes required to change Games Committee Governance

Rationale for Recommendation
Recommendation in accordance with the strategic outlook for Dublin GAA as published in The Blue Wave;
Ensure a consistency in Minor Age Group at both Club and Inter-County;
Supports and Enhances player retention and defers player fall off;
New Under 19 Age Group will provide for players in the final years of Secondary Level Education;
Provides a more effective bridge on the player pathway from Juvenile to Minor to Under 19 and Adult Games;
New Games Programme structured to cater for forecast growth in Population Demographic and Player Numbers;
From 1.1.2018 to be eligible for the Grades listed hereunder, a Club Player shall meet the respective stated age criteria:
Minor (Under 17): Be Under 17 and Over 14 years
Under 19: Be Under 19 and Over 16 years
Adult: Be Over 17 years
To be “Under” an age shall mean that the player shall celebrate the Upper Limit birthday (e.g.17 for Minor Grade) on the 1st January of the Championship Year or on a later date. To be “Over” an age shall mean that the player shall have celebrated the Lower Limit birthday (e.g. 17 to participate in Adult Grades (Club)) prior to the 1st January of the Championship Year. Adult shall include Senior, Intermediate and Junior Grades.

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It will certainly help in terms of burnout. U14s won’t be able to play 15 and 16s won’t be able to play minor. Overall it’s a good proposal. Have to do something to align with the county scene.

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New under 19 age group will be difficult to get up and running. Sure it will help with player retention after Minor, but most young lads spend that year in Coppers. Also running those fixtures in conjunction with Adult games is daft. Small (er) clubs will struggle with that.

It would be great if they could look at providing more games at minor!!

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Would it be a better option to maintain an U18 competition & forget about the U19 proposal?

Think that the u19 competition would be competely undermined by Senior Managers across the county particularly smaller clubs, and its hard to see how its fair that players and mentors find out only six months away from the start of next season that this is happening, at a minimum there should be a 1 or two year lead in to give clubs a chance to plan. 1st year minors have done 6 months training on the basis they will get their chance next year and now this is being taken away.

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Seeing as I have used my phone a friend can I ask the audience?

Its a daft idea. If they think that this is going to help you retain players then dream on. All this is going to do is add another layer of difficulty to whats already difficult (:rage:) The 21 competitions are a joke, so throwing this in wont work either. Another age group that will require fixtures on Adult 1-4 weekends, another draw on club resources as far as volunteers and already tight funds are concerned.

If they left Minor as it was, and actually had a decent games structure, that could work. Not playing during the summer and leaving the minor championships until September is a joke. That’s why lads get fed up and drift off to coppers and having a life. The exams issue for minor is a smokescreen. Plenty of lads can play county minor where their time is severely curtailed and still perform well in exams.

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CDG - Has your club taken a position on this yet ? We really need the critical mass to stop the changes going through.

The changes are already through at county level. I would have been against it but County minors at 17 and club at 18 won’t work.

That would be an ecumenical matter!

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Sorry Alan. Totally disagree. How do you think that u-19 is going to work given the experience with the u-21 grade ? Its as clear as day that smaller clubs will be forced and players will want to play adult once they get to u-19. It will completely hit the retention of these players. And how realistic do you think it is to play u16 on the same day as u17 ?

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We’re been surveyed on it at present as all clubs are. True the county minor has gone to Under 17, but I’m meeting a lot of county folks through development squads that are not at all happy with it.

But this is a proposed structured u19 league anc championship , not a u21 competition fitted in around a bank holiday weekend and

My understanding is that players will play U19 or adult but not both. So the top minors would probably go through to a club senior team and the rest would play u19. It would be up to each club to decide what way to manage it themselves.

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So you just don’t enter a team. It’s a daft proposal.

Which all sounds like a fiasco.

If a club doesn’t want to enter a team in U19 that is their choice. But the biggest drop off in participation currently happens in the minor to adult transition. The new proposal will help this in my opinion.

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How so?

Because the under 19 competition won’t happen as the club adult teams will want those players.