Inter County / Club Dual Players

History repeating itself. Again and again.

And instead of the organisations doing anything about it they engage in a war of words against each other. Still stuck in the stone ages unfortunately.

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It’s fucking beyond embarrassing and wait for the apologists to line up behind the respective sides

Revolutionary idea but if gaa was to set up it’s own version of ladies football and hurling and make them part of the gaa and respective countyboard. Lgfa/camoige association dont own any grounds or assets and if they cant organise like hurling/football can maybe gaa should.

Or better still the LGFA and Camogie come under the gaa umbrella.

Even if they put the egos aside and worked together when it came to fixtures it’d be an improvement.

I’d imagine a lot of camogie and ladies football club committees would like to be put on a level pedestal to the GAA. Too often are these teams given the bad pitch because of boys playing and the committee can’t do anything because they’re getting the pitches out of goodwill.

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Embarrassing is right.

Neither side willing to give in its so counter productive and does nothing but hurt both games and makes them look ridiculous publicly.

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In fairness Liam O’Neill and John Horan both tried and had them in for talks, it would be most natural thing to happen but it appears they want independence, I’ve no issue with that but acting contrary to the interests of players is killing participation.


A little off the subject but the day of the duel player is gone. Even in men’s if you were to look at inter county fixtures there’s some clashes of games but it makes no difference because there are zero duel players anymore.

It’s sad but that’s reality… At very top level Cork at only county that this rally effects year on year… Even at higher club levels dual players are becoming a minority…

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Yeah would have to agree, people keep pointing to the GAA model as an example but dual county players basically non-existent.

As the standards of the games rise the ability to both at that level disappears

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The days of the dual player don’t have to be gone though. I look at both Cork set ups and they allow 5 players currently to play between both. It’s not always a walk in the park from what I’ve heard but the players are still doing it. If managements work together and take player welfare into account then it should absolutely be possible.

But how is it supposed to thrive on the ground when the people at the top cannot figure it out?

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Fucking indefensible


They deserve everything that’s going on. This is sheer madness.

the mind boggles.

LGFA fuct up on this motion earlier in the year but the delegates for camogie fail to seize the moral high ground and support it

Christ its heartbreaking for the coaches and the players in the dual clubs

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There is no justifying this. And 76% too.

Terrible for coaches and players but hopefully they keep playing both, keep complaining about the issues and this problem keeps getting media attention. The worst thing that could happen is high profile players pick one code and we hear no more.

I firmly believe the days of camogie and LGFA being separate are numbered. Whether the top brasses like that or not. Something has to give and soon.

I’m a big fan of both camogie and ladies football and I think it’s so important to continue to encourage participation, interest, coverage and support. But it’s very hard when they’re getting the fundamentals so wrong. 20x20 and all that is completely irrelevant when two organisations cannot facilitate their most talented and committed.

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In fairness with the way it was worded it was never going to pass, reasons for voting against it seem pretty valid.

It’s too vague to have this as a rule, there is no way of enforcing it or measuring if it’s been carried out.

I think people see this as Camogie delegates voting against dual players but it just seems to be that it wasn’t specific enough

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Even if passed the motion wouldn’t have changed anything as it comes down to interpretation. It wasn’t worded very well.

should have been ruled out of order then by standing rules which whilst would have been bad publicity would be much less than having 76% of your delegates deemed to be anti dual player which is the outcome now no matter how its spun.

Yeah that’s fair enough, I think something similar was ruled out of order in on the football side of which also got a backlash against the LGFA in general.

How many duel intercounty male players are there?

Where is intercounty mentioned in the motion?