Intercounty Retirements

So, Killian Young is the first casualty of Kerrys failed bid to stop the 5-in-a-row, said I’d start a thread to keep track of any retirements in this off season. Saves people starting individual threads for people who don’t deserve them :joy:

Fair enough but any Dublin player should get a thread each!

Agreed… I was more thinking of when Donaghey got a thread to himself…

Andy didn’t.

What was the headline? “Killian retirement due to Dublin Financial Doping” :joy::joy:

“Young paid off by AIG to retire”

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‘No point in Killian myself in trying to beat the Dubs’

Not getting any Younger (perhaps a marital name-change angle could be worked in there?). Giving up my football to become a full time employee and reduce the rural economic decline

Was he much too Young to feel this damm old, as a wise, Stetson wearing sage once pondered?

Always felt optimistic about our chances against Kerry when Killian was playing. Not sticky enough to be an out and out defender and not enough football to be an attacking one.


Great career though.

The Dublin Machine - Killian Them Young …

He certainly have us some great moments: that fumble/interception, that opportunity with Kerry 4 up that he passed off, that fumble near the end of the 15 final, and at least one other interception that was a defining moment in a major game.

Mention of my club mate Charlie Vernon who retired last week from inter-county football.

Charlie was a wonderful servant to our County and had a great career which was reflected in his accumulation of honours. Charlie won 2 Ulster Senior Championship medals, an Ulster Under 21 medal and 3 National League medals (1 x Division 2; 2 x Division 3). He also represented Ireland in the Compromise Rules and has a Railway Cup Winners Medal. It is not that long ago that such an accumulation of honours would have made him one of our most decorated footballers ever.

It’s probably fair to say that Charlie was maybe a victim of his own versatility, being excellent at full-back, centre half back and midfield, and as a consequence he never got a regular run and the opportuity to establish himself in one position. However he always gave his all for the team, playing wherever asked.

Charlie suffered a very serious injury in a challenge match against Dublin at the opening of Pearse Og Park some ten years ago but recovered from that to give another decade of great service.

However for me I thought his best days were before that injury and I have fond memories of him scoring a great goal against yourselves in a league game in Crossmaglen (which was the game that had been postponed from the previous week) running through the centre of the defence to smash home a great goal. There was a sense of an irresistible force about him at that time!!

As an Armagh supporter I say a heartfelt thank-you and my hope is that my own Club will enjoy the benefits of this decision in the coming seasons!


Very well told and interesting story Rufus.

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Dessie Mone gone from Monaghan

And Vinny Corey too. Both were playing with Monaghan since 02/03.

How far can Monaghan drop ? They’ll at least be Division Three pretty soon I reckon, hard for such a small county to absorb losing players like Corey and Mone coupled with losing a top class operator like Malachy O’Rourke

Corey and Mone have been past their best a good few years now. Monaghan have had a couple decent minor teams and should get a few bodies from them. Conor McCarthy and Shane Carey are 2 forwards that need to step up.

Colm Cavanagh has hung up the boots


Still no idea why these statements are necessary

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