Intercounty Retirements

It’s turned out nice and bright here also…and me slagging off this place !

Yip…probably the stout all right. Sure even the weemin look nicer.

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Big loss to our games.
Aussie Rules is a load o me bollix. Chews em up, mostly spits em out. Like rugger only worse because of the dimwit macho culture around it. Not to mention the dimwit macho Aussie culture per se

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Why do Australia need him anyway? Place full of elite athletes, is he that athletic that he can start at 22/23 and catch up? Seems unnecessary.

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They don’t have a big population and the playing pool is limited. Competition with the 2 rugby codes and soccer too. Brutal game though agree.


Not much competition from Union anyway . If I hadn’t looked in the local papers fir it you wouldn’t know it existed

I was mostly east coast but it seemed to me AFL and rugby league got all the best athletes . Didn’t see much shortage there

Soccer next best but the quality of the local league was
About lower league one or two in the U.K. I’d say

That’s only based on my experience though. Be interesting to see if any stats are available

To be fair he didn’t throw the GPS ‘at’ Rock, he threw it in his path to try distract him. That is the extent of what Keegan did. Was it sporting, no, was it cheating, yes, but then again so is every shout of ‘it’s going wide’ as a player kicks a free, or every jog across his path or right behind him as he begins his run up. none of it is a good example to kids, or a reflection of the game played in the purest of forms, but they are not treasonable actions and the biggest punishment would be a yellow card, which is why the incident wasn’t reviewed after that final. a retrospective yellow card after the season was finished would be absolutely pointless.


Well said Spanner

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Never been to Australia but my understanding is that Aussie Rules is traditionally a Victoria State game (it was the VFL before it became the AFL). Most clubs are based in and around Melbourne, still. Rugby League is the bigger game in Sydney. Rugby Union is the pick in Brisbane. Soccer is making inroads all over, though, albeit, maybe at a slow but gradual place. I don’t think it will ever become bigger than the other codes in the strong heartlands, though.

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Well said. Hopefully people can move on now. They won’t though.


They were all down in Dingle supporting their team mate Mark O’Connor who was alllowed play for Dingle in club champo.
Also Hennelly and all the Mayo boys were down there on a stag at the same time.
Big coincidence alright.

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Yes league far more popular. AFL is essentially a state of Victoria game. AFL was called the VFL for most of its existence. It’s popular in South Aus and Western Aus but they re sparsely populated. AFL needs GAA players if it wants to expand and maintain its standard.


I thought they had.

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i think that whole discussion should be started again

Fair enough, that’s your opinion and there can’t be much appetite for revisiting this. From my perspective, its was among the most glaring examples of a naked, premeditated, and completely unsporting attempts at cheating in the modern game. I doubt Lee cared whether the GPS hit or Dean or simply distracted him by passing across him. If Keegan had to do it again, he would probably throw it at him. It set a new low and the fact that the GAA ignored it lent it some acceptability.

I have no more to say about it.


Naked … strewth. We won … merry Christmas everyone

doesn’t matter, he shouldn’t have done it full stop. but let’s just forget it cause it was leeroy but not if was one of our lad’s


Yeah they’d still be servin a jail sentence and fed only bread and water accordin to you


butt out corky