Intercounty Retirements

Good player who did very well to come back from 2 cruciate injuries. Writing was on the wall as he only had 35-odd good minutes in him last season. Thought he was one of the few players on their current team who could never be accused of hiding when the pressure came on, for me he was the only one that stood up to be counted after D Clifford went off against Tyrone in 2021. While he made a bad turnover that led to our goal against them last year, they did miss his leadership down the stretch of that game and ended up scraping through a game in which they’d been in complete control. They’ll miss him.


a big blow for sure. undoubtedly their midfield leader for many, many years now and some man to aim a kickout at. different partners have come and gone but he has definitely been the main man. i suppose bryan sheahan would have been the longest there with him and only o’shea came at the right time, he would have left a gaping hole too. crowley, barry, maher and others but daithí has always been the anchor. that’s a right head scratcher now for the grumpy lad though he’ll have had plenty of notice.

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3 all irelands in 3 different decades is an interesting stat.

Cant understate how big a loss he is.


Kerry will struggle, he WAS their kick out strategy

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that diagonal hoofer that they’ve always sent in to donaghy and others, moran was a specialist. it’s a wonder other teams don’t seem to do more work on cutting it out. it’s been central to kerry teams for 20 odd years but it still seems to work for them.


great player. As said the injuries would have taking out a lesser man. Best of luck to him.


Absolutely Bart a big concern.

clifford can handle the kickouts too, he doesn’t have much to be doing.

They got around it last year against ourselves last year. You could count on one hand the amount of long kick outs.

Didn’t work against Tyrone in the 00s. Or most of the time against Dublin in the last decade.

Fine player, wonderful fielder of a ball. Best of luck to him.


Yep super fielder of the ball and very accurate kick passer . Didn’t have wings but not many players are blessed with everything

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Yep, in a different era he may have been king.

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