Intermediate Championship 2022

Group One
St Marks
O Tooles
St Finians (N)

Group Two
N Barrog
St Pats (P)
S U Chonnail

Group Three
Clann Mhuire
St Margarets
St Peregrines

Group Four
G P Morans
Fingal Ravens
St Brendans
Clann Na Gael

Game On

Couple of very 1 sided games, ravens will murder brendens

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You could be right ,
I see groups two and three being very tight with cases being made for most teams to get through

Could be Margaret’s year if they don’t lose too many over the summer. Moving very well in AFL3.


Intermediate Round 1 Predictions

St Mark’s v O’Tooles
Naomh Barrog v Good Counsel/Liffey Gaels
Naomh Fionbarra v Clann Mhuire
Geraldine P. Moran’s v Fingal Ravens
St Finian’s Newcastle v Garda
St Pat’s Palmerstown v Scoil Ui Chonnail
St Brendan’s v Clanna Gael Fontenoy
St Margarets v St Peregrines


Id expect Fionnbars and O Tooles to win , but as said on an earlier thread massive uncertainty with lads away

Any result from Margaret’s v peregrines

Mags by 8.

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Finians N beat the Garda

Barrog 3-14 Councel/Gaels 2-7

Good win for O’Tooles against last years’ Junior champions St Mark’s.

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As expected,big step up for the opposition I thought

Former Dublin minor hurler Conn Rock got a hat trick. Nice to see a small report on the O’Toole’s clubzap website. :clap:

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St Brendan’s holding Clanna Gael Fonetenoy to a 2-14 to 2-14 draw one of the bigger surprises yesterday in the Intermediate grade.

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A complete shocker that one for me , based on league form (I Know) Id have easily expected Clann to take that

This weeks games

Intermediate Championship Round 2 Predictions

Garda v St Marks
Scoil Ui Chonnail v Naomh Barrog
O’Tooles v St Finian’s Newcastle
Naomh Fionbarra v St Margarets
Good Counsel/Liffey Gaels v St Pat’s Palmerstown
Clanna Gael Fontenoy v Geraldine P. Moran’s
Clann Mhuire v St Peregrine’s
Fingal Ravens v St Brendan’s

Clann Mhuire 1-16 Peregrines 1-8