International Soccer

Not at all surprising.

Russia makes sense in that they have the infrastructure from the 2018 WC in terms of accommodating teams, Stadia etc… Only issue is how honest they are regarding their control of corona even if we are 7 months away.

The Ultimate safe pair of hands of course would be Germany but given they have Euro 2024 do they host twice in a row (wouldn’t have an issue. Germans would host every Euros if I had my way) or do you re-open bidding again with 3 years notice

Send them all to New Zealand to play it, least there’ll be fans at the games then…


I don t care who hosts as long as we are spared the embarrassment of hosting Norn iron in Dublin while we look on in.


First thing I thought of. At least we won’t have them fucks rubbing our noses in it if they qualify

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Ibrahimovic comes out of retirement and is named in the Sweden squad.

Not the first time he s done that. Not sure I agree , other lads did the hard work qualifying.

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Couldn’t agree more. He’s a self-obsessed, egotistical arsehole, if you ask me.

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Dutch having been 3-0 down to the Turks after bringing it back to 3-2 with 2 goals in 90 seconds. Match is on Sky with 12 mins left

4-2. Great free from the Turks to give them a bit of a cushion. Turkish Delight in Istanbul if it stays like this

Weird seeing fans at the Israel Denmark game

England 7-0
Italy 4~0

The Belize team bus was greeted by an armed gang on their way to the match in Haiti. The Belize Football Federation expressed disappointment.

Don’t think we’ll be getting another David Gualtieri moment tonight from San Marino

England beaten by Switzerland in first game of u21 championship.

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A shock defeat apparently according to the BBC :rofl:.

Not like it was San Marino beating them ffs

San Marino wouldn’t beat Marino Celtic.


Saw piece prior to the game was not can they or should they beat Switzerland, no it was can they win the tournament :man_shrugging:

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Swiss are always tough opponents especially at underage. Very well organised. Nice neat haircuts and immaculate tracksuits. Or that could be their bobsledders, not certain.

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100% Swiss always capable of beating any of the European big guns. Would never classify it as a shock if they beat the likes of France , Germany etc…

Definitely not a shock. Have a decent and competitive pro league there too and a lot of their better players don’t have to travel too far to larger clubs. I’d guess it’s mainly Sky calling it a shock. England have been shite at underage (considering their resources) bar a recent World Cup win.