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The amount of players at their disposal that weren’t playing is madness. If they had a full team with eligible players they’d have to be favourites. Trent James Mount Rice Foden Greenwood Saka Sancho Bellingham all eligible for this tournament but most with the senior squad

Did you not get the memo , those lads are busy getting ready to win the next world cup

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With us not having a hope of qualifying it will be good to have a team with a realistic chance of winning to cheer on. If we cheer Liverpool, United, Chelsea, Villa, etc every week then why not.

Here Dub09 your Friday hand grenade landed in my back yard , could you go off and play war somewhere else

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I remember meeting a bunch of chaps from Oxford, in New York at the '94 World Cup, bedecked in Green, White and Orange. No Irish connection between them. To them it seemed quite natural to support Ireland as England hadn’t qualified.

Bar @DUB09 above, we won’t return the sentiment.


England’s Brave Lions.

I remember going up to a match in Croker around 2007 maybe , can t remember if it was a Dublin or Ireland game but I recall a lad wearing an England football jersey while he was walking down Summerhill parade. I thought there is the bravest , stupidest or most ignorant ( or all 3) man in Dublin.

Tomorrow is the 30th Anniversary of us beating England 1-1 in Wembley Stadium.

Match we should have won and would have had us in Sweden. That being said we fucked up away to Poland later on. 3-1 up with 14 mins to go and we drew 3-3. We’d have been through on GD if we hadn’t fucked that one up

Along with the 1-1 victory over the godless commie scum of the USSR I think the Wembley performance may have been the 2 best performances style wise ( cause there was nt much of it otherwise) of the Charlton era.

Russia by Slovenia 2-1, decent crowd at the match, where’s me Sputnik.

Smashing goal from Slovenia

Turks bet Norway 3-0 away. That’s 7 goals in 2. Great start for them.


Two great results especially since people have been talking about Norway as having a decent side. Was thinking Turkey could be a dark horse for the Euros based on current form but they have a difficult group.

94th minute winner from Ronaldo in Serbia ruled out.

I know it’s Ronaldo, so ha ha and everything, but holy mother of God…


That Portuguese kit is horrible. Nike really make manky kits.

Georgia just gone 1-0 up against Spain

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