International Soccer

Denmark 5-0 against Moldova after 38 mins. We might get a draw against the Dovans.

Fair old crowd at it too

30% capacity I think

Spain won 2-1 in the end

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Big win for Luis Enrique. Would have been under pressure if he drew having drawn 1-1 at home to Greece on Thursday

What if we made the goals bigger … no probably still wouldn’t.


Spain haven’t lost a WC qualifier since 1993

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Absolutely zero need for that Ronaldo goal to be disallowed. It brings nothing to the game not having goal line technology.



Guarantee some of the same people bitching a
about VAR and goal line technology are giving out about that Portugal goal not being given

Crazy stat. We were unlucky not to beat them as well in that campaign in Seville

Aldridge had a goal disallowed for offside.

Most likely the reason is that the resources aren’t there for all the countries to have it, so you’d have differently regulated games within the same groups.

Netherlands Turkey game had VAR I think.

EDIT: It didn’t my mistake

FA Cup is like that too.

England have only lost 2 qualifiers in the last many many years. Think the last was 1-0 in Ukraine in 2009 when Rob Green was sent off after 15 mins.


England always seem to have a good record during qualifying campaigns bar one or two exceptions and then they can’t do it at the actual tournaments most of the time.

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They have never had a better team imo. We have never had a worser one.

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It’s all Rice and Grealish fault :rofl::rofl:

Hilarious how reliant our success is on imports. If we had Rice, Grealish and Bamford we would be qualifying for Tournaments. I doubt they regret their decisions though.


Lewandowski out of the England game. Jammy fucks