Internet & GAA Trolls

Hey lads - can you discuss the anti-Dublin mafia in here please and keep them off the other main threads.


Thank ■■■■!!

Will do! We better get a bigger boat.


Thank Christ, well done Tayto

Great idea … except it’s still running / ruining at least four threads.

I’ll clean up when I get to work!


Which threads?

love that comment :clap:

Hill 16 barry with a few thoughts

Great call @Tayto - losing interest in many of the core inter county threads through having to wade through lots of crap of what some loser said about us. - f***k them lads or bring them here


We’re unbeaten away the last two years? Seriously, come on!

Stoll insisting that a place where we don’t play and haven’t for years is our home venue. This nonsense needs to stop.


The place we rent? Oh silly Philly.

It begins. Expect a lot more of these.

The first part of the headline is correct. End of.

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It annoyed me when he used the term copious amounts… Build a staduim like cork did… Has you Mickey know if the fiasco with the Spawell? Is it as simple to say ok let’s build a bigger staduim by spring…

I think we should build and ■■■■ all these ■■■■■

you can’t go building a different stadium one each for every competition, this is just nuts. silly season is upon us. Besides it’s Dublin Gate receipts paying for GPOs all over leinster - do you really want the GAA to have to lend dublin 20 million to build another white elephant, as if there arent enough already, of anything Croke Park is under used as it is.

Thankfully the county board won’t get themselves up to their bollix in debt because of the ravings of a couple of journalists and some tools on social media.

The only way we should be involved in a new stadium is if we are handed one for nothing like Shamrock Rovers. I’m not holding my breath.

County Board should focus on maintaining our county teams upward path and addressing participation and playing fields for our clubs.

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It doesn’t matter where we play - it’s just such an honour to be watching the greatest team that ever played the game.


Begrudgery is alive and well in Ireland as we well know, this particular piece of loose stool water was written by a fuckin 22 year old who normally spews his vomit for A fcukin nobody.

His opinion like himself is irrelevent

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