IPTV gone


And this is?

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Just went into it and got some strange error message alright. Reloaded the app holding the ok button down and go at through the error and all working now

This is why. Mine ok at present but it is a wait and see job

Well that’s a kick in the balls. Rule of thumb is to just get 3 month subs at a time .

Jaysis i only bought the bastardin thing after months of thinking about it :joy:

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Just checked mine, it’s working for now .

Sky movies gone though, that’s not a good sign .

Mine gone too.

Sky sports gone as well , bollix .
Bein too and NFL network .
May have to go back and get an American sub.

I noticed Bein was gone at the weekend thought it was just a glitch. I think it will be a case of having to purchase a VPN for it to survive a while longer anyway.

Yeah , I’ve got a vpn and tested it but the same for the channels I listed .

Xtreme Code is the application behind the scenes that manages each service. It seems like there is no local install of this at present and it is all managed centrally in XC data centers.

While they are not IPTV providers, them being hit is huge to taking down the whole thing.

It’s a waiting game at present to see what happens

My old sub in America is not affected . MFG .

Most stations gone for me now

My provider is promising that this will be resolved in the next day or 2.

Most are hopeful by the sounds of it.

I heard some talk that there wasn’t a raid but a bad software update. Doubt it though

Now saying we will be back up by weekend. Tried re-booting tonight and the portal is now gone, which kind of marries into what the supplier is telling his clients. We shall see. Apparently Dextrix (spelling?) is working ok. Anybody know anything about that?

On the upside, I’m giving Breaking Bad a rewatch because of this :crazy_face:

Same. Just in time for the Rugger world cup too (I’m only watching because I’ve got a few bets on…)


Balls, same as that