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Great article on Ger Brennan adapting to life after the Dubs:

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Galway manager Kevin Walsh reckons only Mayo can stop us:

Problem for Mayo is of course that they’ll more than likely meet us in a final and ALL the pressure will be on them.

Yeah thought it was very good. His thoughts re 2014 semi very interesting. Have always thought he would have made huge difference in organising our defence setup that day.

Yes it’s quite sobering in ways. Ger is some character - a man of conviction no doubt. In this PC correct era he is a man who is not afraid to say it as he sees it - laudable. I meet his Dad on a regular basis - always a pleasure.

Ha! Good bit of early mind-games by Walsh over Mayo there. Have to say, I think Rochford is going to be very good for Mayo, I think McStay would have only resulted in their hype increasing. So far this has been the first year since 2012 that there isn’t much hype about them. They’ve alot of work to do but I think if they survive til late august they could start really getting their act together.

I remember well the 90s Dublin team, they just kept coming back year after year, there wasn’t one “down” year from 1989 til 95, even allowing for the fact there was no back door then. There were changes between 89 and 95, the last of the team of 83 team were gone or as good as gone, and of course Dessie Farrell had come along, and then Jayo & Brian Stynes came in.

Some other key factors I remember about the 95 win were Paul Clarke had his best ever year, Charlie too possibly, and Mick Galvin as well. Along the way to 95 they got better once they had overcome one of the big mental scars from previously, that was beating Meath in a tough, tight game (twice). Mayo could do with a win like that at some stage, and the team they really need to do it against is Kerry. I think if somehow they ended up playing Kerry in a Qtr or semi-final (I know it would mean at least one of them loses their province, which is unlikely) they could take that big step.

John Fogarty’s weekly musings:

It’s really surprising that smaller counties haven’t been able to obtain those 2nd sponsors for their jerseys or is it a case that the primary sponsor wants exclusivity?

I would imagine that some counties are delighted to have A sponsor and the worries of a second are, while needed, not their primary concern. I’m sure exclusivity is also a factor and if they can’t get their names on a jersey, get it on the shorts…

Makes total sense I guess, I don’t think I could see the day when a GAA jersey looks as over emblazoned as a NASCAR

Kevin doesn’t really do mind games. He pretty much is a straight talking bloke. He knows he has it tuff with Galway at the moment and they are well off Mayo. I still think they will be Mayo’s biggest challengers this year and they may well do okay in the qualifiers. With Shane Walsh and Damien Comer they have 2 very good forwards. Walsh is good alround and can score from long range while Comer has a knack of getting goals. The biggest problem will be injuries.

Gavin insists Dubs will continue to take risks

“It’s easy to defend”?? Hmmmmmmm

Decent article by Mike Quirke, saying that instead of moaning about the amount being spent by the Dubs, counties should look & learn from the structures that are in place to develop GAA in the county.

Wow - somebody actually bothered to look into where the funding was going!! Somebody actually acknowledges and recognises all the massive work that is going on on the ground!

Fair play Mike Quirke - exactly the way I see it too.

He’s Kerry Good Cop to the O’Sés bad cops, it’s a tag-team thing

Could you see this happening in your club? Drastic measures that should be done or over the top reaction?

As someone who was secretary of a junior club there were times we discussed it but never in earnest. It is so frustrating at times when lads just refuse to pay their fee and they seem to be quite comfortable with the fact that they are being subsidised by others .

It’ll certainly seperate the committed from the freeloaders :grimacing::grimacing:

I’m sure that there are numerous players out there who are neither registered nor paid up members and this can have its own implications for the team / club.