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Me neither. Am as big of a fan of Jamesy Mc as the next person, but Curtis comes out with some seriously woeful scutter.


Should have retired on the back of his Anton O’Toole appreciation. Only decent piece I’ve ever see him write


Agree . Really lost his marbles during covid I thought

He’s not as bad as that awful Scully person though. Nobody is. I no longer buy the Heddled of a Tuesday, in case I accidentally encounter some of his twee awfulness. It’s embarrassing. Yes, I know he is a nice guy but his style of writing is cringeworthy.

Scully is harmless

Roy thought he was a medical expert


i’ve met Scully a few times over the years. He is a shy, gentle soul. A very nice man. I wouldn’t judge him to harshly. in fairness he covers the club scene very well.

I’ve also met Roy at a table quiz and he nearly got himself lamped for been to ‘competitive’.

I’d happily spend an hour chatting to Niall.


I know he is a nice guy, decent and sincere, but he tries to be what he cannot be, a journalist with flair. It comes across awfully, in my view. Apols!

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Probably posts on here, so.


Nothing to see here . All providing services for free

Paddy Tally as head coach is some laugh . Every waffler from Kerry in the media should publicly apologise to Tyrone for all the puke football comments they made


You never saw an article like that on the Dubs backroom team except shitloads of whining about iPads and lads getting food delivered to them.

The narrative around this Kerry All Ireland win is nauseating


yup. indeed. Hopefully it will die out over the next month,


The essential thing is that they do not win it next year, and fwiw I don’t think they will.


Not excusing it but every team at it sure. No way Gallagher got Derry to AI Semi solo (although im certain he’d claim he did). Look at the pageantry around the next Mayo appointment. Essentially a largest Mickey competition. Elitism gone far too far.

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Absolutely . But if that was Dublin the carping over finance would be nauseating


For sure. Unfortunately as the Capital and with large corporate sponsorship we’ll always have to wear that im afraid. As spoken on different thread last week its no different anywhere if you want ultimate success. Kerry footballers, Limerick, Tipp hurlers and so on.

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Which Kerry have as well but sure you wouldn’t think it with the media

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New York is effectively the Kerry sponsor but that’s ok


Au contrary Rodders, I hope it carries right on through to the other side, as The Who? said, and then we batter them to bejaysus in the All Island final, luverly jubbley! :hugs:

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