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This is to funny :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: ,just noticed this now ,check out the nickname in the bottom right for the county board liason officer !!

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Truly is hilarious watching the same journos who had shitfits about Dublins backroom team lauding the Yerras backroom team.


The Bag has been knocking around with Kerry and Dr Crokes teams for years. Hes very well known in Killarney where he owns a pub.
It was him that the Kerry players were singing about on video last week which some people misinterpreted as them being involved in illegal activities.

Everyone can make up their own minds of course but I found that excuse to be laughably shoehorned to fit the situation.


Anyone have Phillys article in todays info? Apparently he was offered a managers job by an unnamed county.

Saw a link to it, but its behind a paywall.

What doesnt he just name them?

Strange to offer someone with no management experience at all an inter county job.

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Some of those available might not be too Interesting.

Sums up its note important to be a media analyst / pundit in some county board eyes than have experience of even a club team

heard it was Mayo!

Running out of stuff to talk about .




Uibh Fhaili

And some counties wonder why they under achieve when they take on managers that havent done it at club level yet.

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Jesus, this selecting a new Mayo Manager, its not exactly Third Secret of Fatima stuff is it?

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Seems to be in Donegal anyway

Yep. Exactly how it should be. Fair fucks to the KK Co Board for way they went about their business too.

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Cant imagine Donegal have many candidates