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I suppose the Kilkenny case is unusual enough. Picking their fist manager since what 97/98? The man to follow Cody was picked long ago with Cody’s blessing likely.

Nothing is a secret in Mayo. Even if the whole process was hush hush it would get out and then you have the distrust that exists between the board and a section of the fan base. Mayo is a fish bowel when it comes to Gaelic Football…it’s 24/7 365 days a year.

I remember down the back of mass one Christmas morning hearing two aul bucks on about the upcoming FBD league game :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

It stinks alright

Lots of motions in the GAA there alright

Wouldn’t agree with that. I’m involved with my club and Iove it. By fish bowel I meant GAA talk is everywhere.

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Maybe he was picked ages ago. Maybe it was with Cody’s blessing. Or maybe it wasn’t. Or maybe Henry Sheflin, Eddie Brennan, Michael Fennelly, DJ Carey and AN Other all got official phone calls, or test the water phone calls, or all made official presentations, or all were interviewed for the gig. Or maybe they were not.

Key difference is…no one knows for sure… and that is with every single GAA reporter sniffing around for news, like Jaws off the Amity Island waters on the 4th of July. So the KK Co Board deserve some kudos imo.

A fish bowl and a fish bowel are two very different things.


He has been doing this last 2 weeks , tommorow gives his view on the best … I wonder :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: who it will be ???


Well it won’t be a 6 in a row team. That took 0.5 billion to make. Kerry where organic and wholesome, godfearing.

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So fucking obvious it’ll be the Yerras at No.1


He really dragging out that article. We knew straight away it would be kerry. He named top 5 managers last week and had Micko at no 1.

Breheny :rofl:

Always was useless, seems to have doubled down on that status recently

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Breheny has surprised us all and gone for Dublin. With a few caveats including that the Kerry players were better.


i’d value you my cats opinion more on GAA than breheny.


What does your cat think about Dessie folleying on?

she said it’s the right thing to do.

There’s a Video clip of it of Indo. I got through about 2 minutes. Breheny is rambling to the point of incoherence. No idea how these journo’s had the career they’ve had.

Anyway the crux was Dublin are Number 1 but only because we had a better squad, Kerry the better footballers. Such waffle. Loads of references to how Kerry could only use 3 subs, the difference in our personnel between 2011 and 2020 amd so on. Zero reference made to the attrition rate, societal/cultural changes etc from now versus then. If it wasn’t Breheny and the Indo you’d be properly outraged.

Even being conservative, Cluxton, Cooper, Jamesie, Jack, Fento, both Brogans, Connolly, Flynn, Con, Kilkenny will go down as all time greats, any era, any team (V tempted to include Philly, MDMA, Kev Mc. Has to be a bit of give and take though I guess). But yes Martin, Kerry had the better players.


Mannion too.

Wouldn’t read the chap at all.


Yep. Dean in with a shout too. Fitzsimons surely too at this stage. Not pure like the Kerry lads though.

No I wouldnt either. Thought I could stomach the video clip. I was wrong.


Cheers. Got as far as “Micko’s Kerry had more top class players” and that was me done. Wept.

For balance, I was reared on “Kerry’s Golden Years” VHS, by the aul fella. (That and a Maradona biopic). Micko had some greats obviously. The arrogance/ignorance to comfortably come to the conclusion that he had more though, is laughable in the extreme. Atleast he admitted we had to contend with better opposition, was shocked when I read that.