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Oh right. Come back to me in 10 years and we can talk about ‘greatness’

Mattie Forde Declan Browne Dermot Early Tony Mc Manus all real greats but born in the wrong counties if all irelands are the sole arbiter .

Whelo would suffer similarly despite being a superior footballer to lads with 5+ Sams won…

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I just don’t think that Clifford will still be playing football and leading Kerry when he’s James Mc Carthy’s age. If he is. Fair enough.

but sure who can’t even get on martin brehenys
best players never to win sam. now if he was from
a different county who knows.

D Clifford if he keeps it up will be among the greatest inside forwards ever, but he’ll still be a forward and thats the drawback. Many great players have come before that could play around the pitch. P Curran played in the backline, midfield and forwards in the 91 series with Meath alone. Cian O’Sullivan has all irelands at corner back, midfield and centre back. Clifford is a great forward but will never be a midfielder or back.

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I wonder is that trip paid for by RTÉ/the taxpayer?

He probably doesn’t need to be though

The greatest players that played the game are considered to be forwards

Hardest thing to do in any game is score.

Whether that’s right or not is a different question .

But the lists of the great players even in the media . Generally all forwards . Midfielders in some rare cases

Never seen Cians name anywhere outside this website for example

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Would agree on the forward part. Also he is from Kerry. Goes a long way for Legends of the falls.

Nah, sure there’s lads well able to score for fun who play in positions where they rarely get the chance to score.
Lee Keegan scored heavily but will never be known as a great forward. But the fact he could do that and be a brilliant half-back is what makes him one if the greatest players ever to play the game (shame about all the fouling to stop one of the other all-time greats).
Similarly Jack Mac. I don’t agree that it’s always forwards. James Mac has been one of the all-time great backs, and a brilliant midfielder, who was also top class at taking scores.

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It’s a select few though right

Not many defenders in the hall of fame .

As rightly pointed out above With Cian .

Absolutely brilliant player but he will never appear in an all time greats list

Robbie O Malley brilliant corner back . Yet Mick Lyons is more famous just from thumping lads


I wasn’t saying C’OS was in the argument for the greatest. Rather he was an example among others that were able to play multiple positions , which suggests a wide extent of skill and a rounded game. Clifford can’t even tackle, which is a basic skill of the game and expected among modern forwards - think Mannion or Connolly.

I don’t buy into the narrative that forwards are necessarily considered the greatest players either. Plenty of backs and midfielders get scores beyond their primary role. Your boy Leeroy was well adept at it. Our own Brian F and Jack Flash like to chip in. Jack O’Shea, Mick O’Connell, Brian Mullins etc were not forwards. Cluxton has surely turned on its head what a great footballer is. Cluxton’s influence on the modern game is far beyond what Clifford’s could ever be.


I’m not disagreeing with you . Just saying in the context of the general discussions on the best players lists in the media

90 percent are always forwards . Than its midfielders .

Than the odd wing back . Full back line never get a look in really

Clifford by definition of the above will always be in the top 10 list regardless

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Certainly forwards are always to the fore given they’re always on the highlight reel. Clifford on song is untouchable as a forward but he lacks versatility. Michael Murphy for instance pretty much carried Donegal for much of the decade, making up for deficiencies from MF to FF.

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Looks fierce wild alright. Only noise you can hear is the van pulling up :smile:

No party like a Marty party

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Mick Lyons? Thought you said it’s all about forwards LJ?

Same debate was going on in my local. I’d usually avoid them like the plague, but got forced in to it in smoking area. Rotund gent from Meath winding the locals up by choosing Clifford as the greatest already. Hill16 diehard was going with Dermo. To make my escape I said you cant choose one over the other. I wouldn’t play Dermot FF in an AI final, and similarly wouldnt play Clifford at HF or MF. Also complimented the Meathman (I was in flying form after the NL derby) by mentioning Giles and Geraghty. What a player the former was in particular, albeit further down the list if one exists (Breheny Beat surely does)


Jack McCarron close to transfering in-county from Currin to Monaghan giants Scotstown.

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