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There’s a video doing the rounds. The umpire got a nasty head wound

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Lifetime bans from every element of the GAA for whoever was involved.


Need locking up too. Hopefully it’s not Nolan they end up in front of!

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The biggest single issue facing the GAA is the lack of respect for officials and this type of violence. Without refs no games.


Would imagine the umpire at a minor game would be from one of the club’s.

That said - disgraceful

Its all become too serious now winning unfortunately

Does anyone play for enjoyment anymore

I think most players/coaches do.

It’s just the yahoo coaches, parents “good club man” & hangers on on the sideline that are the problem & thankfully they are in a small minority but manage to grab all the headlines. I have often heard people haranguing a ref and it’s abundantly clear from their spiel (torrent of abuse) that they don’t actually know the rule they are frothing about.

Another issue is when they are at it some clubs don’t taken sufficient action against the individual


Not sure myself anymore . As it’s become professional it’s all about winning

Underage levels have some amount of lunatics training them too

I won’t argue against that. I think at most small clubs if Jeffrey Dahmer offered help it would be accepted. I think loads of clubs might have their doubts about certain mentors but can’t get rid of them cause they have no other volunteers. Other clubs defo turn a blind eye to the nutjobs


At a juvenile game on sat , opposition mentor a prick. We ve come up against him a few times in the last 18 months. Ref sent him off after 5 mins but he continued coaching from a corner of the pitch and went down to the team at half time. Roaring abuse at teenagers , and worse the parents of his players are joining in because he s setting the tone for the team. And some of the players who I ll excuse on the basis they are immature , are behaving like gougers too. He got his comeuppance though , chickened out like the bully he is when challenged by one of the parents ( a big man) of our lads. Clubs need to get a grip on some of these lads. However I will say this is nt the norm from my experience.


Pure vermin. Shouldn’t be let near kids

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Newstalk mentioning this in Sports on Pat Kenny show. Only time they mention GAA on his show when incidents of fighting and spends the rest of sports bulletin speaking about the premier league. :roll_eyes:


Lads like that are a tiny minority but, my God, our games would be so much more enjoyable without them, There’s one mentor from another club that I hate meeting, the only thing worse than my kid playing against a team being coached by him would be if my kid was on a team being coached by him.

Every club has them too, generally as despised within their own club as without.

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Are they …

It’s a far bigger minority then previous and I think the assumption that it’s a tiny minority doesn’t help

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I can only speak from personal experience LJ

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camera phones capture everything now , and social media spreads it - main stream picks up on it then.

it certainly went on back in my day playing

that said , as things have progressed - this crap looks to stay the same

Got to a couple of games at the weekend, similar to last where I got to juvenile as well as adult , not a single issue, which is replicated ( rightly ) in club grounds length n breadth of the country

You get an instance like this on top of the previously abandoned games and it’s reported as if every game is a war zone , the detractors eat and sleep this stuff

We need to get to grips with this , our image is being torn to shreds , clubs need to be held accountable, and clubs need to hold their membership accountable
Only serious sanctions will make clubs cop on , I’m not talking about primarily the reported instance, more a generality

I could be very wrongly mistaken, but has there been an increase in these instances in Dublin , just never came across it as much as you’d hear in certain other counties

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I remember playing a game for An Caislean v good counsel u 14 I think and it was abandoned due to a melee. No parents present or stroppy coach required.We Drimnagh lads needed no one else to start a fight with , we were well able to have it out amongst ourselves.