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The reporting in the media is so lazy today, they have no idea how these games work. An attack on an “official” (who just so happens to be a hastily appointed parent !! ).

The GAA and the CCCCCCC and also the Garth Brooks / Westlife welcoming committees will be no where to be seen as per usual. Agree with Damo above, the only people who can fix this is the clubs themselves. Someone needs to take the lead and have their own inhouse umpire / linesman guidelines where the correct people are chosen from a group of parents and people that you can rely on.

Sure that happens 90% of the time anyway? The DCB should insist that clubs have ID bibs and flags for umpires / linesmen for all games and all names should be included in the team sheets. It might help to elevate the profile of these ad hoc jobs at games.


we played an U15 game in Pearse park back in the day , lads drinking in the field joined in threw a load of digs at one of our umpires who was stopping a scrap between our goal keeper and one of the mouth drunks.

difference was no phones and whatsapp

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Trying to get volunteers to umpire won’t get any easier after this

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I was involved as Club Delegate for years at CCC2, on arrival at meetings you’d be given Agenda, Minutes from last meeting & List of Disciplinary fines etc. It was incredible to see so many fines issued to clubs for Abuse of Refs by Mentors.
I noticed over few months same Club, Team, Offence, I remember asking their Delegate WTF. I was told Mentors have three great players on the Team, one Mentor sponsored Team, Club happy to pay the Fines.
Here’s part of the problem.


Recidivists! That’s what I was thinking - this is probably the same core of people time and time again. I’m sure refs have a pain in their ears with them. Without pushing it on to refs being in a rule that if someone is reported three times then serious action including bans must be considered?


If the clubs are happy to pay the fines. Surely the logical step should be the banning of relevant teams from the relevant competitions. Then we’ll see if they think that sort of stuff is still acceptable