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Increased risk of head injuries with the pick up so swings and roundabouts

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Never thought I would say this bout him , but raises a valid point about the quality of Dublin championship being higher than Kerry one .

Would love to know where this mythical vulnerability to high balls in on top of our full back live comes from?? Our full back line is and has never been more vulnerable to a good ball in than any other full back line!

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Let doses like PS keep believing it .Think though,if we play Kerry again next year in championship, Clifford will wander between corner forward, centre forward and full forward during the game .

Cant believe I read that. Talk about a space filling exercise. Absolutely no insight or opinion given there of any substance.

It’s PS .he admits himself, according to him " the average punter doesn’t want to hear about the game analytically, all the want is him talking shite about hurt ,and intinsintiy ." Just a pity his last game on TV wasn’t us sicking his hole this year .

He’s right about if Kerry fans think they had an off day in final and will win it next year , to dependent on Clifford shooting the lights out and carrying alot of players who won’t trouble the scoreboard.

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Ssshhh! We are terribly vulnerable to the high ball, please keep using it as the secret weapon to defeat us.


It’s Post-Bomber 78 Traumatic Stress Disorder. Except it’s actually Kingdom Inevitably Return to Put Dubs in Their Place Delusional Disorder

It’s the Sunday World. You’ve just described the whole paper. Wouldn’t use it as jax roll even

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I can’t believe it either. But, amazingly, and, to his credit, he highlights a point that @DUB09 has been flagging for a few years now. The Kerry IFC and JFC winners are way too strong for provincial and All-Ireland club championships at their respective grades due to the divisional sides competing in the Kerry SFC.


Spillane is a columnist…

Split Kirree?

Jesus mad to think that St. Brendens can pick from the likes of O’Reillys next year

Would a system like this work in Dublin hurling ?

5 letters too many in the last word. :laughing:


Not while the 30th best team in Dublin pretends to be senior

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Aren’t AIG pulling out of Ireland ??

No they’re not. Why did you think that?