Irish Independent/Herald - Alan Brogan

He is developing a nice style . Very honest and insightful.

Good article. I have always thought that Dermo finds it difficult to concentrate when he is not challenged. I was in a line with the first half point in the Hogan and no matter how boring Dublin games might be or how easy, when Dermo does something like that it gives me the same warm glow as a very large slug of brandy.

I had Diarmuid’s team the whole way through school and I have no recollection of this. Not saying it didn’t happen but if Alan B was training in Vicnents after an Ardscoil game then they would have been training about 4 p.m. We never played in the evening or obviously at the weekend. Could well be that they did. It just seems very strange that they would be there at that time on a work day!!

Could he have been at a game between ourselves and Declans rather than training with Dublin? There were plenty of them.

Or maybe I’m wrong and it was a one off training session for some reason.

Don’t necessarily agree that he doesn’t do the mundane well. Certainly does for Vincents in my view.

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AB isn’t saying that he can’t do the mundane well. He is saying that he is bored by it, so he goes for the more high risk, spectacular stuff, when sometimes the simpler option is the better one. Posters here have often said the same thing.

Genius makes its own rules :wink:

Well thankfully, all those delectable, defence splitting, 50 yard, diagonal passes, struck oh so sweetly from the inside of The Geniuses boot (when he has several team mates 3 feet away) tend to go astray, more during the league, than they do during the Champo. So rock on Dermo !

Demo is in his prime now, granted he makes the odd mistake but he takes on shots and passes other players wouldn’t consider let alone try.

Without doubt the most talented player I’ve ever seen take to a football pitch.

He is bang on

There are sort of two parts to that headline - the contention that there is only one team that could trouble Dublin and the contention that the team is Tyrone.

I don’t think Kerry will be too far away, and they will be different. They were obviously practising some form of new defensive shape in the Munster final yesterday and it is a shape that I would think is specially designed with Dublin in mind, if it is good enough time will tell.

On Tyrone, they could be good - but they just haven’t done anything yet to show it. Beating Cavan was good, drawing with them was very not good. Dublin wouldn’t draw with Cavan if they played them 20 times. I see why people say Tyrone are good this year - decent forwards and what seems like a decent system. But there is just no evidence that it is the required quality yet. If they beat Donegal by over 7 or 8 points in the Ulster final - then they would be making a statement all right.

I wouldn’t say the need a 7/8 point win over Donegal. A win is a win and if they can go and beat them in a big final it will fill them with even more confidence.
Last year seemed just one or 2 years too early for them, they have had a handy league campaign to work on things and I think that will benefit them.
Donegal beat us in 2014 having come from AFL2, I feel that if we are not at our best the Tyrone are best set up to beat us.

Of course Dublin are still the best team in the country but the same was true in 2014.

If Donegal turn up strong Tyrone should be finding a lot out about themselves. I think that would be an advantage even if they were narrowly beaten and came back through to Croke Park. Unfortunately we have no alternative to thinking on our feet at big games which is problematic.

Dean Rock should absolutely be in that team. Not that it means much. Looks as if Alan is trying to hype Tyrone up a bit here tbh. A team that conceded 5 goals against Cavan shouldn’t have that amount of backs there

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Fair play. Hits a lot of what I feel about our game.
Ultimately Dublin will be vindicated.
Movement. Quick accurate kick passing
will nullify all horrible blankets.
Kerry were trying variations in the Munster Final
even though they didn’t need to!!
Practicing for the Semi. I think.
Go on the Banner! Give them Socks.

Great article by Alan, his pieces are refreshing and honest.