Irish Politics (Part 1)

Yes. I can just imagine the privately educated elites of Sinn Fein and People Before Profit changing everything.

If they gave a ■■■■ at all about anything bar their own little patch they might actually come together as a party and make an effort to remove FF and FG. But they won’t.

Any left government in this country will be made up of at least half a dozen parties. And won’t last a year.

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it won’t happen that way. more likely to be a centre left party propping up centre right party or centre right combo like you have now. only with a decent chunk of the gov. as in 35 seats so basically the shinners. you would hope over the next generation that might eventually evolve to the centre left arm of the gov being the majority instead of the centre-right eg. shinners, greens and soldier or shinners, greens and blue bibs. worse things could happen. FFG and DUP for instance.

FG and DUP. Together. John Britain would be so happy.

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there’s a question now - who would you like to bate around the green in front of your gaff more, bruton or flanagan? i think i’d go with flanagan. maybe do a pole.

Your in a real full inclusive sort of mood recently, equal opportunity , given a chance you will moan at anything and give out about everything, there’s nothing not in your crosshairs

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Can i do both together

Good sound bite… but bullshit really. FFG excluded SF after last election. If you are going to talk politics, you’d need to thrun out a few facts. The FFG crew stopped any chance of a left-tinged govt last year. When did the 'right’s ever come together, to save the nation? Answer: after 100 years, to get back into power.


maybe you should say who and what you’re talking about

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don’t know who’s more offensive, bruton or burton

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Bruton everyday of the week.


Bruton is more cheap aftershave and cheap bubbles than a cheaper cost of living.
Burton hasn’t a clue me auld cock sparra but at least has an impressive brewery that makes something very worthingtonwhile.

No need to put the boot in bro, aye

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I coached Ciaran underage. Sound fella.
Wasn’t far off getting elected last election.


Eoin o broin been caught out writing anonymously for phoneix magazine

Big own goal there

Where did you see that? Fine Gael all over it like the clap I’d say.

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Just goes to show.

They’re ALL the same

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When did he write anonymously for Phoenix Magazine? As a student?, while in office…?

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