Irish Politics (Part 1)

I honestly thought it would be more than that.

Isn’t there briefing fees, retainer fees, appearance fees, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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7 grand earned by wednesday. not too shabby.

As Beeko said it’s more Mick Clifford as he has been the main journalist to stick with this.

Much too long to go into in detail but it’s extremely disturbing what happened in this case. A flavour:

A guard McCabe complained about is the father of the girl in the sexual offence allegation. DPP says what was alleged isn’t even an offence, nor did it happen

His main problem was poor police work, in one case leading indirectly to a murder. In turn these shortcoming/ gross incompetencies were laid at his door. Totally unfounded. Called a rat, by guards. This guy was gven awards for his work before all this.

A counter argument offered against McCabe by his superiors was that he bore a grudge, and admitted so to two senior guards at a meeting in Mullingar. When he produced a recording of this meeting they withdrew the claim. This was omitted from the initial judge’s inquiry report.

His four grown children were brought into the sexual allegations thing, files were opened on each. As Clifford said, you can’t copy and paste from handwritten reports.

There’s more. Worth listening to it if you can or listen back to the RTE report from last week, possibly Wednesday evening. It’s staggering.

Of course the circus has now moved on to FG’s bullshit. Homeless problem, A&E crisis, this - a new outrage then we move on. This place is a basket case.


Your last line is so true. Christ even clump would be at home here.

Completely agree - Inda goes to Poland looking for support from their Prime Minister in making Ireland and NIre a special case in Brexit negotiations with EU. She declined to support him . Mark Brokenshire the UK Minister of state in NIre has stated in last few days - NIre will not be special case in our negotiations with EU. So today , Inda goes to a conference this morning on Brexit dialogue and says ’ we will be making a strong claim for making Ireland and NIre a special case ’ - what f*cking planet is Inda living in - he is delusional and his advisors need to bring him in and give him a sedative . Noonan looks awful , very poor health , his utterances are meaningless trite , rubbish . Another candidate for the road .


I think it is high time to introduce a maximum term that anyone can serve as a TD. We have a Taoiseach who has been a TD for over 40 years and hasn’t a clue about how the real world moves. He became leader of Fine Gael almost by accident, at a time when they had no other viable candidates. Their rise to power was much more to do with the ineptitude and corruption of their predecessors than by any wonderful doings by Fine Gael in opposition.
We have a finance minister who has over 35 years as a TD - again, out of touch with reality. His tenure in charge of his party ended with one of their worst ever performances in a general election. That alone should have seen him resign as a TD, not just resigning as party leader.
We have a Tanaiste who has failed on several occasions to be elected as a TD. Do you not get the message, Frances?
We have Richard Bruton as a cabinet minister - over 35 years as a TD. Again, what can he have learned about real living?

The whole thing is a tired, laboured institution. Too many people willing to toe the party line and accept a generous salary and cushy expenses.


A lot come into it either by family connections or from teaching, in the process keeping their positions open and denying them to other teachers, with little or no experience of other things.

Their job/ profession becomes in a sense being a politician, which requires getting votes. How these are gained/ earned often runs contrary to the common good.

Plus most are fcking cnts.


Has Enda Kenny resigned his teaching post yet? I know he hadn’t for a long time. And while someone gets a job as a temporary teacher, replacing him, they are denied a permanent place whilst he doesn’t resign.

And it is full of nepotism in terms of seats being handed onto next generations and with their appointments of secretaries/pa’s/assistants.

Your last line goes without saying! :wink:

Noonan. Horrible fucker. Cant stand him.

And soon we’ll have “much a do about fucking nothing” silver spoon Leo varadker as Taoiseach. Failed miserably in every ministerial post except for minister of shitetalk. Christ I’m nearly yearning for FF and willie O’dee outrageous sabotage moustache than having to watch that numpty vadradker parade around the place like he knows what he is doing.


Gombeenism personified.

What if the Army lost?:joy:


Fine Gael, in any normal functioning democracy, would be resigned to the history books if Varadkar ever took over as leader. The problem is this is Ireland and we working class just do not come out and vote and when we do we elect absolute fruitloops like Ruth Coppinger.

Since I’ve been living in D15 which is a little over 3 years now, in probably the biggest working class community in the postcode, I haven’t received one letter, one update, even haven’t had anyone canvassing for Varadkar. He’s not even trying to hide the contempt he has for working class people. He knows his chums in the more leafy parts of D15 will have his back.

As a nation we deserve everything we get and the fact that there’s little or no alternative to vote for, I fear we are prime for a populous, right wing party to come along and gain huge support.

As it stands now, if an election was called I couldn’t pick one candidate on either my old constituency of Dublin Central and my new one of Dublin West that deserves to waste the ink on voting for them.

Id love to stand before Varadaker and ask him what the ■■■■ has he achieved in any post he has been in. Gets a pass of the Media imo because of his sexuality. But I have yet to read one article from any journo with the exception of Collette Brown asking him what have ya done?

Well if the working class of Blanch came out in force they would out vote Castleknock 3-1. No lidls down there on Leos watch,

That’s my point though. They don’t. And they don’t anywhere. We’re our own worse enemies.

I don’t think he gets a pass because of his sexuality as they all seem to get a pass. The more useless you are the less hassle you get, it seems.

Arguably the best politician of our generation was vilified beyond belief, Brian Lenihan. There’s dozens that deserve the stick he undeservedly got.

Disagree about the pass James Reilly got fecking hounded (and rightly so). He done feck all in that portfolio. Varadker the same and wasn’t touched.

Them Mayo boys are fucking obsessed with us :joy: