Irish Politics (Part 2)

People have nowhere to live

And not every apartment block needs to be ballymun or anything remotely like it

If it was left up to you we’d have camping sites all over Dublin

The problem with building in Ireland

No matter how good the plan is somebody will object . And there is always a brown envelope somewhere for the bad planning applications

Unfortunately it’s an old city where the infrastructure was never built to support it

Would take 50 years to reverse that . In the interim nobody can afford to purchase or rent here except the top five percent

A lot of whom sound like the residents in that video


That’s a fair comment. Some thinking outside the box needs to happen.


Basics … no metro … public transport buses which change driver . Not enough taxis .

All of which aren’t an issue in most European cities

I think it’s fair to say that I am against ‘camp sites’ in general. Tell you what I am for? A national spatial plan…#makeAthloneacity…!

Meanwhile, this is focking outrageous:

‘No accountability’ - County manager appointed to State agency months after censure

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couldn’t push myself to read this but i’m sure there’s a couple here that will manage it

Jaysus, I might even run meself.


the greatest political system the world has every produce.

The oul wan at the end , "words fail me " but still handing in a 10 page report she put together full of objections !!
Have sympathy for that lad at the start ,his house will be in permanent shadow if a 16 storey appt block is built in front of it .


People on here have talked about voting for an independent candidate is a waste of time , what she has done completely vindicates voting for them ,if they have abit of cop on and are not afraid to speak out against something like this , Most of the TDs from the main parties are no more that voting fodder , terrified to voice an opinion opposite to the party in case their censured


So the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission wants racial profiling, to show how biased the Gardaí are…

But the travellers don’t want racial profiling…I wonder why!!

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Creating Pensions for the boys…

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Looking to do similar in Balbriggan not as high but quite dense in what is an already over densely populated town.

Two developments are

Both huge development with no additional amenities, schools, transport etc.

The introduction of SHD has brought the ability to skip local planning issues and worries and jump straight to the top. The main focus was to build needed houses quicker but again good old Ireland we found a loophole to allow quick cash with no concequences.


But they have received planning permission ?

1st one has but there is a Judicial Review against it by some locals that have come together.

2nd one not sure as there hugh objections against it in the town.

Don’t think either of those have a snowballs chance of being built in the next 3 years

That’s an example of very poor planning

The dundrum one is largely local vested interest in my view

Plenty of room in dublin for 16 storey apartment blocks
The docks
Greenfield sites
Where theres existing high storeys
Where you don’t put them is in the middle of existing housing estates to look like godzila trampling over midget’s
Part of the problem with developers is give them an inch and they take a football pitch. They have politicans onside so you get a divide n conquer scenario. Object to planning your self interested mean spirited etc
Very cute


The docks? Highest value real estate in Ireland Damo

The rents for commercial property in that zone is astronomical

Yeah , wasnt always that way and that ships possibly sailed , but you cant keep going into overly populated areas like Coolock and saying fook lands cheaper lets build


Could only build in the docks now at a huge loss

Unfortunately can’t see that happening