Irish Politics (Part 2)

Ill be getting myself this…


Still don’t know how we fix it…

Rory hearne is about as relevant as Putins PR Agent though

Leprechaun economics


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still… i’ll buy it and read it. he might not relevant to you but he offers a view on housing that cúnty balls FFG will never offer.

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Prick. Telling stories about poor old ladies who can’t afford turf while he sits on a fucking fortune. Absolute wanker


i just piss meself laughing at him… he would do very well in one of those traveller call out videos


I see them like you do Fg. They absolutely feast on the ignorance of those who elect them. ■■■■■. Total ■■■■■.


breathtaking all the same how they have accumulated the wealth that they have. the brother looks like he is a pure knuckle dragger


the usual nonsense. once the addressing climate causes the slightest hassle, bin it.
he seems to have forgotten that the people who voted for the 12 green TDs prioritise climate over other issues.

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Higher interest rates will crash the housing market. The 20 and 30 somethings will get great opportunities to pick up bargains in the next few years. This will fix the problem as long as the State refuses to bail out banks, developers or the big funds who own multiple apartment blocks. If they can’t service their debts they need to be made to liquidate. Then the average Joe has a great chance of getting a bargain to set themselves up for life.

that airy fairy shower below in Kerry do my head in, poxbottles.

The state as in FF/FG as they are the only ones who would bail out a bank or credit crunched developer.

100% correct. between zero and zilch chance of that happening though on treasure islandeen as we know from recent past.

Housing stock is very low though. It’s not like that last crash when there were hundreds of thousands of empty houses and ghost estates.

I think we are heading for a very tough winter. The social fabric of our towns and cities are changing. What’s coming will make covid look like a walk in the park. I know of hotels that are closing next month to the public to be turned into refugee housing.

I know of publicans and restaurant/cafe owners who are waiting to see what the budget brings before deciding to pull the shutters down for the winter at least due to rising costs.

We are in a very precarious position right now.

There is actually a lot of houses now for sale compared to a year ago. Prices are starting to be cut as well. It’s just the beginning from very high prices. I don’t know if there are still too few houses to go around or not but around the world when there is a price boom there is a shortage of houses to buy. When the prices turn south then suddenly supply appears out of nowhere. Odds are we are no different so the supply of second hand houses on the market could accelerate from here. The rental market will get worse before it gets better in my view. Have heard that investors are selling up in their droves in the last six months.

rental house put up for sale across from me for 365. got ■■■■ all attention. taking of the market.

Higher interest rates won’t crash the market . The drop in wages for people might where they may not be able to pay their current mortgage

Id be very surprised to see residential housing crash here as there isn’t enough bad debt out there and there is still queues for houses

House building will fall apart next year and that’ll cool the market . A crash though ? Correction by 25 percent is possible I think

Far more likely to see a commercial property crash where there is a huge amount of vacant office space with rental leases being let lapse by companies and no appetite for new tenants

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Second hand homes for sale have indeed increased. Landlords are selling up in their droves. And that’s not the big vulture funds but your average one home landlord who have been unfairly demonised in my opinion.

Supply still won’t meet demand. Worldwide the price of steel, timber and materials used in plumbing for example have skyrocketed. The slow down in the global supply chain along with the invasion have contributed to this.

Another factor to consider is, if incentives were introduced to get builders building again, there is a massive shortage of tradesmen in this country.

Throw in the fact our population has grown substantially in the last 15 years AND the thousands of refugees from Ukraine, then you can see there is no short term fix here.

I think part of the supply problem is the sheer amount of units, houses and apartments, in the hands of REITs and corporate landlords. Their ability in recent years to just price ordinary families out of the reckoning when houses come up for sale is an ongoing problem. FFG tell us that without these huge landlords in the market we couldn’t afford to build more housing capacity, But the alternative viewpoint would be that if they weren’t dominating the market there would be much more supply available for those able to get a mortgage to buy, which in turn would take the pressure off the rental market, which in itself would see a cooling down of rental costs in the country.