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Good study

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I needed a laugh! We are going to set up a committee… instead of putting people who have destroyed their ID for nefarious reasons, back on a plane. 3,000 Ukrainian refugees potentially in tents because of this!


Hope Jeffrey enjoys


He has a point That I agree with.

Mr Martin rejected Mr McGrath’s claim that he was “obsessed with Ukraine” and told him: “I’m not obsessed with anything, but there is a reality of a war that’s on our doorsteps”.

Its not on our doorstep. And we have done all we can. And IMO theres no more we can take.

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Mad stuff. Imagine the reaction if a former Tory party leader came on BBC and announced his contempt for a part of his own country. That Liverpool people had violence “in their blood”.

Once a blueshirt….

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I know it’s not in fashion these days but how about proper strict border control. Also anyone here found to have lied or not who they say they are should be deported. Same goes for anyone here that causes trouble.

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I would have thought that was more. surprised at that figure.

This is why FFGG have made it open season here. We need more growth!!

Interesting given that Inda, Nooonan and NAMA sold these lads half of our country for about a tenner

yeah., gave the vultures hefty discounts but refused home owners any discount and left them get fired out on the street. it’d make ye proud. :shamrock: :shamrock: :shamrock:


These numbers… 200,000 non-nationals, only 65 000 of whom are from Ukraine!

shure aren’t we a great country all the same.

I’d love to know who’s benefited from this…

It is shocking, it is clearly FFGG policy and if you argue, you are deemed to be racist. How focked are we? Housing, health, education… all in crisis but the mantra remains ‘let them all in’, to break what remains of our social services.


Yes but the truth is those type of funds are extremely illiquid due to the nature of the assets within them

So the reality is it’s not a big story at all as those investors would have known that when they invested in that fund

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Yes, I was just interested in the surge in withdrawal requests. Stephen Schwarzman is the guy who said they were waiting for ‘blood in the streets’, to buy up distressed loans for very little. I’d love him to die poor, somehow.

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The tables have turned. That Blackstone fund will be forced sellers of property assets in the next year. They have a lot of debt in that fund as well and the FT think they are not reflecting real property values in their share price for the fund. If you are in it you could get wiped out.