Irish Politics (Part 3)

none of that should be in any way surprising.

where will she fluck off to though? the less independents the better i feel at this stage. less ones for the blueshirts and tentmen to bribe when they’re in a shpot o’ boddur.

she’d be better off goin solo , only insultin herself more if she stays around with Ryan and the rest of them clowns

In with the Soc Dems is the obvious move. If the Greens all walked now, they might actually save a few seats!

The drug use in pubs in Dublin and down the country is crazy. It’s so blatant especially among teenagers and early twenties. What these users are supporting in terms of the misery for the people living in the areas where these big dealers are based is mind boggling.

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that you simon? i suppose it’ll be “let’s wage war on drugs” next. there’s little or no connection between jonny doing a line in the jacks in the local pub and the crime syndicate big-wigs that bring it in.
it doesn’t matter how many times that is repeated by republicans in america and then aped by simon and pals, it won’t be true.
make it all legal and take the chance of easy money off the dirtbags and parasites so they have to go out and get real jobs.
people are going to take drugs one way or the other because they make them feel good. time the pols grew up and admitted that.

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But it won’t do a thing for kids who have disabilities. It will go to the crusties on the Quangos, to day thanks for marching in support of FFG policy recently.

@LondonJack this is the one area where I will always agree with you. FFG burn money, to support those who support them, public or private.

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Why, were yous looking after a goaly?

The youngsters can’t afford the drinks but still want to get merry!

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Politics is compromise, especially when you’re a minority party. The SDs will be no different if they get into government. The Shinners will be no different, even as a majority party. Parties in government have to choose their fights.

I’d say Ireland has some of the worst disabled services out there for a developed nation .

I can’t recall ever reading much positivity about it

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We’ve a developed economy juxtaposed on top of second rate public infrastructure and services. It says something about priorities.


don’t care what anyone says this is fucking mental that we as a country allow this to happen.


Accessing services is the real issue for young kids. Residential care or again accessing it . Not enough respite care either. If you get the services they are generally good quality though.

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FFG have gone full Tory scorpion. They refuse to change the neoliberal agenda and the media is largely on their side.

Meanwhile, the budget included 11,000,000,000 of spending. Plenty on quangos. Fock the schools though.

t’wud make a man pround, cherish all the children.


Comichael Aleo.

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Worse here

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in 1987, a 7 mile trip into DCU from most places on the northside took 1 and a half to 2 hours, bus into town and another out. if you were in a wheelchair (which was relevant in my house), such an excursion was out of the question.

in 2023, the situation with public transport to dcu is still the same from what i am told.

and the situation with wheelchair access to public transport is still the same from what i can see.

that would be 36 years if i’m not mistaken.