Irish Politics (Part 3)

On top. Hes doing it for free.

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yeah, i see the pro bono bit now.

I’d love to see him taking on the housing crisis.
With special powers to legislate

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over 80 blueshirts and tentmen can’t find the collective will between them to do same. :thinking: :thinking: i thought that’s what TDs did…

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And see him fail … this is not something one person, however gifted in certain things, can tackle and succeed in.

A big gig that. Making the right substitutions at half time is one thing but that’s another.

So in a way, we are facilitating human-trafficking then? Jaysus.

Agree with this

International Law only requires that we give these men a hearing. This can be relatively perfunctory and held on the day of arrival. The act of discarding your passport en route should be seen as a strong prima facie indicator that an applicant is not genuine. Imprison and deport

Need to fund this properly and sort this out.


And they can’t recruit Gardai. Massive surprise!

Hopefully, there might be an element of victims of all sexual offences having more confidence to report the crimes. But of course, more Gardai are required.

Mother of jaysus. Not only have we NGO’s having a cut now the EU.

We can’t sort our own housing issue.

Seriously. What the actual ■■■■ do they expect?

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The government to do something? Like actually do something? the fact that we haven’t sorted our housing issue long before now is a scandal

They can’t. Taking in 100,000 extra people
not just has an impact on housing it impacts health and transport, school. All of those things were under pressure before they came. We keep talking about our growing population blah blah that’s because we keep letting everybody in. We don’t have infrastructure for it. So why can’t FFG just be truthful and recind their immigration policies and take time
out to figure out how to sort this mess.

But we were overstretched before the emergency in Ukraine, we have people waiting years for their asylum applications to be processed. It’s not good enough. These should be processed in a matter of days. Just fund the feckn thing and get on with it. And the housing crisis has been raging for over a decade. I don’t expect it to be fixed overnight but a decade?

Immigration drives growth and lowers our national debt, so they’re not going to stop it, but the Ukraine war is what has crashed the whole system. But even so, surely they can do better then people living in tents on the streets.

The criteria for being granted political asylum is long for a reason , its very difficult to verify ,when a person arrives and states I will be persecuted/or killed if I go back to my country of origin
You have to ascertain their true Identity
You have to be satisfied that the claims they are making actually hold true , best of luck with that one
You’ve to track had they the option to claim asylum elsewhere , where they turned down elsewher ?
Trying to gauge the difference between economic refugess and refugess fearing for their lives
That’s just scratching the surface
Theres no quick fix , however if and I suspect it is ,that the issue is further protracted due to a lack of resourcing that’s not acceptable , the binding European directives to which Ireland are a party to are in place for over a decade , with amendment’s , there’s absolutely no reason that the government department in charge of this crisis should be under manned
Its yet another glaring example of reactionary politics as opposed to foresight n planning


I’m sure it’s a bloody complicated process, but even so, if you put enough resources into it then surely you can get through the backlog quicker. No quick fix but you can fix it quicker if you do something about it before it’s a complete shambles. Not something we excel at. But we actually can get stuff done very effectively when we make an effort. Vaccine rollout for example.

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I will agree with the vaccine roll out and its success , but I’m tempted to think on the balance of things your in a broken clock being right twice a day
International eyes were everywhere with covid , so Ireland got its ass in gear

A random check over the last few months on public jobs .ie will show there’s been no recruitment drive to put adequate resources into that department , they may have seconded from elsewhere (I don’t know possible )

Anyways glorious day , looks like cracking weekend , cold beers the call of the day in an hour or so ,

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Damn right, feck me it feels like a long time coming. can’t beat it.


Looking forward to a few cold beers after my match later on


Have them before, for the craic.