Irish Politics (Part 3)

i don’t recall anyone, anywhere, any time saying they believed that. the point was whether he was talking about digging up the bogs or being from kerry. the latter it seems.

My original point was that he was playing to the gallery in a superficial attempt to portray himself as a man of the people. Millionaire Mike has no interest in returning to the bog. The greed overwhelmes any such instinct. Incidentally, you don’t have to guess his attitude to bogs. It looks like the piece of turf he has his snout stuck in.

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i’ll try again. what you have said is widely known by everyone. few would disagree but my only point was in relation to the video you posted. it seems near impossible at times to stick to the point.

If cute hoor was in the dictionary,it would say see the Healy Rea’s.

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Don’t use FG as an excuse to justify the Gombeen Irishness of the Healy Raes

Fuckers are millionaires paying little tax and preach about the poor

That model sound familiar ? They are more FG then FG themselves at times

When is Irish politics going to move beyond local politics and tackle the real issues

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i don’t know how you could possibly take that from my post.

you’re the 3rd or 4th to reply and none seem able or willing to read the post you refer too.

michael’s piece of turf in the video is a symbol of where he’s from and not his position on rural ireland’s right to vandalise bogs so they don’t have to pay for fuel like the rest of us (that’s the 5th time i believe).

how you think i would be using the blueshirts to justify anything, least of all the healy raes, is beyond me. are you still up from last night jack??

the healy raes dna is tents by the way, not blueshirt. you’d smell it off them. a very particular type of tentism too, a la john o’donoghue. i don’t know if your familiar with south kerry tentism but it shtinks 20 times more than the regular shtuff.

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We have to get rid of all of these far-right people… three quarters of the population actually:

dún laoghaire/rathdown is green?? :thinking: :wink:


Read back your post . It’s a verification of everything that’s wrong with Irish politics

The healy raes prey on the usual Irish paddywhackery of drunken leprechauns and fixing holes in the neighbour fences

Drink driving though. Good for the rural economy apparently

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It’s such a misleading poll tho, obviously we’ve taken in too many because we cannot cope with the number we have taken in. If we had made arrangements to facilitate them properly then the result would likely be different.

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I fully disagree. Which is grand. :blush:

With which bit? I thought your beef is with immigration rather than refugees.

Seem pretty obvious to me when you can’t cope with the numbers you taken in, you’ve taken in too many. People living in tents is not satisfactory.

But we don’t have proper immigration procedures.

Another basic Ireland can’t implement . You’d wonder why given how much the taxpayer gets screwed on tax . Exhibit A below . I don’t like that economist but nobody can argue with the facts as they are freely available

Where does it all go ? All our taxes wasted on quangos , government pensions , poor public spending procedures and government TD salaries and pensions .

Great country though …

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The tweet you shared says mid to high earners pay Nordic tax rates, but that low earners are the lowest taxed in the OECD. Which I think most people would agree with.

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I somewhat agree

Not when it’s badly spent Tayto

Many lower middle earners are pushed below low earners after tax because of taxes and inflation

It’s a red herring argument used by FF and FG for a quarter of a century now

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Our country is being forcibly planted by our own government. They made a hames of housing the Ukrainian refugees, by ignoring the tens of thousands of offers of accommodation so that they could enrich the private sector. Neanwhile, 12,000 Irish are without homes. In my view, nobody else should be allowed in. It’s way too late though. Way too late. I focking despise them for what they have done.


What is? I was just commenting on the tweet you posted which shows low earners pay less tax here then elsewhere. Not sure what that has to do with FFG red herrings.