Irish Politics (Part 3)

SF have moved to the centre though . So they’ll pick up a lot of those new seats on offer I think

They are very weak on environmental policies in my view and their taxation plans are for the birds . Given that the lower income earners here already pay less tax then a lot of the EU

They’ll need a decade for their housing plan.

Yup its in all facets of life. Try getting a bus to or from Navan. It’s a disaster now. Bus Eireann can’t cope with the demand. 1000’s of houses been built everywhere. But hey we never had it so good.


They’ll need a miracle. If Putin was scrapping against FFG he would lose such is their scorched earth policy on the Irish Taxpayer.

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It’s comfortably the worst in Europe . Even lower economies in Europe can get this right

No excuse given our resources

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well we have always thrived to be best in class. I guess we are now.

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M McGrath on RTE talking about tempering expectations re the forthcoming budget , also saying it’s good to have a surprise people weren’t expecting
You’d swear he was talking about his wife’s Christmas present and not the countries finances


A surprise election would make it a meaningful Christmas for many!


Fiver for everyone from their own pocket?


and i’ll not have it said otherwise.

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The country was mapped for flood risk as part of the CFRAM Programme. Amazingly, in Ireland, the same agency responsible for river/land drainage is also responsible for flood prevention. Which is to the say, the agency that engineers rivers to take water away from the land and fill up as quickly as possible are also tasked with preventing flooding :thinking:

A curious state of affairs that

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How many people do Amazon employ here? Planning should be refused if the company doesn’t have an adequate employment base but my guess is Amazon are big enough in Ireland. A solar farm should be part of the application to help offset some of the energy requirement.

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The friends of the earth want a world with zero pollution. Just saying.

Nothing wrong in ambitiuos idelogy as long as its matched with common sense , you cant just drop everything , there has to be timely practical solutions

The Amazon gig is the epitome of talking out of both sides of your mouth ,at the same time ,complete and utter hypocrisy

If they ever wanted to truly bring people on board as opposed to fining them and taxing them to the hilt , then making a stand would have sent out a loud clear message

Question What message allowing them to build again has been sent ?
Answer As long as there’s a nice big cheque in the post nothing else really matters


exactly, not sure if they have common sense. it’s a bit like the zero road death campaign and the slower speed limits. a noble goal sure but not gonna happen.

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What are the odds that the state is funding through generous social welfare every single one of the oxygen thieves in this video?^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1704515086956511639|twgr^831ea012b47056b496fabbed43cd0504afca3ab9|twcon^s1_&

It’s politics and the style of narrative these days. If you want to get a cause going anywhere at all you state the ultimate goal. There’s no way the people and organisations involved actually believe they will attain that but they will attain more, in the world of media & other discourse in which we live now, than by stating their goal is 50% by 2035 or whatever. That only leads to a very watered down outcome, 30% probably. Which is not at all nearly enough.
‘Being realistic’ is all well and good but it just doesn’t wash in this world now.

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As much of a bollox Healy rae is - thats a disgrace.

Hope he brings the parish back up with the next time and they take a few of the scrotes out with pitch forks

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One of them is working away but still granted free legal aid…