Irish Politics (Part 3)

i wonder is there any evidence that state agencies/government are intent on selling ireland to the highest bidder with only quick money in mind and to the obvious long-term detriment of the country (financial and environmental)?

What’s it got to do with Stewartstown?


They are absolute ■■■■■. Translate that into Irish for me will ya?

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Pacadh bastardaì?



that will do.

The Green Party can fcuk right off as well as far as I’m concerned. I hope they all get creamed in the next election.

not even a senators positions. a green fucking stain on the path.

Is that Bluebell pitch?

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Fuckin kunts.

What’s that all about ???

RTE news : Amazon lodges plans for 3 new data centres for Dublin


I’ve seen the existing one , its eerie , its monstrous , its like one of those secret government facilities in the X files or something, hidden off in some Nevada desert , the sheer scale of them needs to be seen with your own eyes

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And the Greens said ‘No’ of course!!!

There is 3 of them in tallaght within half a kilometer of each other ,the biggest one is built on the site of the old Jacobs biscuit site ,I would say it has a footprint bigger than croke park .No signs , hardly any windows ,painted grey ,lts like something that a dictatorship would use to house it’s secret service or military.


Look at this. Jesus Christ above. What capitalist kuntz they are. Ryan is a bad joke at this stage.

Christ on a bike that’s outrageous never heard of that scheme , and those companies will pay big wages to their staff , and their staff will think theres nothing wrong , truth being the rest of us are subsidizing them
I’m all for incentives to job creation and keep existing ones , but thats just robbing the public purse